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COVID 19 The Blessing of the Terrible

Munjiji conversations about COVID 19 are on our YouTube Channel, the links are below.

The podcasts are on Spotify and Apple – search under Munjiji. 

If you have questions please let us know, we hope to answer some of them. 

Episode 1

Munjiji speaks about how serious it is & why it appeared now.

Episode 2

Munjiji explains the underlying message of the virus.

Episode 3

Munjiji explains that unregulated expansion kills

Episode 4

Munjiji is asked if we will eventually go back to business as usual.

Episode 5

Munjiji is asked if we should put all our faith in our scientists

Episode 6

Munjiji is asked why the elderly seem so susceptible to dying form the virus.

Episode 7

Munjiji is asked if the wider cosmos is affected by our pandemic


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