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Munjiji in His Own Words



Perhaps we can clarify why we are here and what we are doing. Well, first of all I am a presence from the invisible who was in physical form a long time ago. Actually we are a team of beings working in collaboration with you. Every team member assists with their own unique expertise at each meeting. Although we left the earth atmosphere we are still closely connected  with it, but we do not need to retain the physical form to continue our evolution and work. Our space has different characteristics from yours, but retains some form of presence, otherwise there would not be this communication.

Now why do we do this? We made a commitment not to leave the atmosphere of the planet, so that we could always be called upon to serve the human family that is evolving towards the recognition of its own divine nature.

There is a Lot of Technicality Behind this Link

You will always hear my voice, as I am the spokesperson for most of the team, but not all of them. At our public meetings White Cloud always opens the proceedings. White Cloud is setting up everything, preparing the sacredness of the space on which we meet. It is precisely tuned in with what is required, each meeting is unique, and is an experience on its own. It cannot be compared to the next one or the previous one.

There is a lot of technicality and complexity behind this link, although you cannot see it. It operates on the nervous system of Letizia, bringing imprints from our mind to hers.

We Attune with your Guardians, Your Helpers in Spirit World

As you are talking to me, while you are asking your question, you are not just talking with me. We communicate with your teachers, guides, and helpers, to the best of our ability, to encourage you to realise that you are surrounded by invisible friends. You are surrounded by a whole host of presences, angels, and loving beings that work with you in this life. There are also those ones taking care of you that have never taken physical form, and yet they have a profound link with you, and especially with your development. We do not need to know their names because this is a work of imprint from mind to mind into soul.

We are Here to Assist with Your Soul’s Development

Your soul development is our speciality. The soul that is always shining in your being is often rendered, not passive exactly, but not as fully functional as it could be. This is because of the complexity of how a human being is made. A human being consists of the emotional body, the mental body, the physical body, all intertwined and within it of course there is the soul, the great vehicle of spirit. The great vehicle of spirit can operate only when there is great clarity at all levels: the emotional being, the mental being and also the physical being.

Soul’s Intention to Link Human Being with Divinity

The soul can bypass the physicality and can still work strongly through a weak body. However if there is a very strong mind, not higher mind, but at the level of the lower mind, then there are some problems for the soul to really shine through with its light. The soul’s intention is to guide the whole being, to that profound link with divinity that it naturally belongs to. So we are here, all aspiring in the same direction, towards the same light. Although we call it light, it appears to you in the way that you most love.

Additional Information

Letizia is the link in the physical form while the Munjiji personality is also often a link in spirit world. The advantage of this is that much higher vibrational beings are able to communicate via Munjiji who can then relay this to Letizia in the physical form.

Some questions require information which the person’s helpers and guides do not have to hand. In which case the Munjiji team then consult the Akashic records and other sources for the answers.

With other higher level questions or where specific skills are needed then again other beings come through who are part of Munjiji team. These can be distinguished by the change in energy, tone of voice and different use of language.

The Munjiji team begin to answer questions in three concurrent ways. First a direct download to the person’s higher self, which is almost instant and may be felt as a rush of energy coming down through the crown chakra. Most people seem not be to be aware of this happening and this does not matter. Second the energy carried on the words of the answer, and thirdly are the words themselves.

The Munjiji team always respect individual freewill and privacy. They don’t predict the future as such, because the future is not fixed, but exists in potential.

Finally most answers are relative in so far as they answer the specific question at a point in time. The same question from the same person at a different time may receive a different answer. Equally the same question from another person will evoke quite a different answer.

“So what we have said it is just a little taster of the vast subject of matter and soul.”

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  1. Myrna Westgate permalink

    I attended one of your meetings at the Quincy Spiritualist Church and did indeed feel a profound and continuous rushing of energy through the crown chakra. I was quite amazed. The evening was uplifting and held many messages for me. Myrna

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