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The Medium

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Munjiji  communicates by imprinting the mind of the medium and using her voice box. Letizia Mason is the trance medium in this instance. Munjiji is not working through anyone else.

Letizia grew up in Rome, and now lives in London. She is also a qualified psychotherapist with a special interest in dreams, imagery and symbols. Along the way Letizia has also become an accomplished tarot reader.

To enhance her trance mediumship development she trained, in the early eighties, with Elisabeth Farrell at the College of Psychic Studies in London. During this time she attended regular trance sittings with Ivy Northage and Ursula Roberts, two outstanding trance mediums of the time.

Letizia has attended many residential courses at the Arthur Findlay College in England. In her view there is no end to the learning and understanding of the work with spirit. As a teacher of trance, channeling and psychic work Letizia brings her passion for the work with self and spirit combining the ancient wisdom with the modern understanding of altered states of consciousness. Her spiritual background is rooted in the Sufi, Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

Richard is Letizia’s husband and assists with the practical side of things. He also gives spiritual healing as part of his collaboration with Munjiji.


Although we both have our own spiritual beliefs these play little part in the collaboration with Munjiji because we are simply ‘instruments’ through which Munjiji works. As one great spiritual teacher said: “Does the flute know the tune?”.

We are inspired by a quote from the Dalai Lama “My religion is kindness” and we use this as the basis for what we are part of.

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