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Abuse of Children – Why is this happening, what is wrong?

Munjiji : Human beings incarnate on the earth plane to transform, to transform something in themselves that is resistant, obtuse and full of ignorance.


Ignorance means: it has not seen light, it functions for its own self aggrandisement, personal pleasure, expressing all the distortions that the human being can intend. The fact this exists does not justify it, and you have taken existence to assist in relieving this distortion.

Not Recognised – The Norm

But let’s go back to the history of your planet for a moment. We have to remind you, that in medieval times, and more recently, there were people who owned other people. They had complete power over them, they were not entitled to anything, no matter what their age was. Because these people were owned, the gap in recognising them as human was enormous.

This was so much the norm, that any kind of abuse was considered acceptable, because they were not considered human beings. It took millennia to change, and it is still taking a very, very long time.

Keep Attuned to Goodness

It is caused by the failure of the human mind to connect to soul, to connect to luminous existence, in this case to recognise that every human being is like you, in need of love, support and protection. By keeping your heart, your deepest heart, attuned to goodness, and you are here for this very reason, to help redress the imbalance. Now you have more information, you can see better where it is happening, and how it is happening. It is only now, as your consciousness has widened its horizon, that what was considered acceptable, is not longer the case. Whole economies were based on abuse, like slave trading and child labour, many became prosperous as a result.

Transform Beyond Ignorance

Abuse is a terrible thing, but that’s why it’s so precious to be in a human form, to be able to assist. The soul choses a human body, accepting the conditions and limitations, but with a wish to evolve and transform beyond ignorance, and the depth of so called darkness. We say the so called darkness, because darkness is not badness, it has its place, some plants need the dark to grow, but it’s ignorance that you need to resist or reveal. Now that ignorance is being unmasked more and more, but there are tremendous pockets of resistance to that.

Distortion of Power

Within that ignorance is the distortion of power, which people identify with, and hold on to. Indeed, some people because of their past lives, or circumstances of this life, consider it ‘normal’ to use others for their own ends. Not only children, but women, the elderly, employees, minority groups, any situation involving the misuse of power over others.

A Ray of Hope – A New Attitude

Now that more human beings are considering all other human beings as human beings, there is a ray of hope. Things are better than before, but there’s a long road ahead. This change has to happen individual by individual, so it starts with each human being, to aspire to the highest. As individuals evolve in their heart and souls, then a group resonance occurs, which leads eventually to a new attitude in a culture, or nation, this brings renewal and upliftment gradually for the whole human family.

2018 Another Challenging Year?



A New Container

Look at the good things that have happened this year. Each year is like a circle, your life is made up of interlocking circles, which invite you to go deeper, looking at the beautiful things that have happened. Sometimes beautiful things are painful, carrying a secret that helps you go beyond your limited identity. Your real identity, is walking in a stream of never ending life existence. Through this you can find stability in the flux of life events. In accepting the flow of life, you find the eternal life. Eternal life is not some distant future.

Years of Fire

In 2012 we spoke of years of fire, these continue, burning away the dross, exposing all  that needs to be brought into the light, to be transformed. We do not need to speak directly of the scandals, inequality, greed, and human foolishness already revealed. These events show value systems that do not benefit the wider human family.


2018 is an opportunity for refinement. Bring this word into your heart. What do you want to make more beautiful, more powerful, what do you want to flower? We see you as full of resources,  linked to your divine nature, ever flowing, all encompassing. However like your heart beat there are pauses, essential for the next beat. Don’t berate yourself when there are pauses in your life, instead acknowledge it is a matter of rhythm, whilst there is a gathering of forces and potential.

Shaking of Value Systems

2018 is a continuing time of transformation, the container for the human family is too small, a bigger container is needed. The human family is like a beautiful flower that has been partially uprooted, to be placed into a new container, with fresh soil. This uprooting indicates these are not only years of fire, but also a feeling that the earth under your feet is shaking. This is to do with the principles of your value systems. When the plant is removed the bare roots cannot be left exposed to the light for long. That period of transplanting needs to be endured, and this is what the human family is enduring, but what comes up is not always beautiful. It shows the difficulties, the conflicts, the ugliness. In that transition is an internal and external shaking of ground. Everything is up for review and can be difficult to cope with.

Five Seconds of Stillness

We have a suggestion that will help you feel on solid ground. The real ground that is invisible and potent. Practice five seconds of stillness, in that pause you reflect on your eternity, your divinity. It is a universal rhythm, and if you catch it, you are in universal time. It is a recognition that the highest in yourself is operating. It is operating at all times, but in the midst of difficulties, invite it in. You can do this anywhere, a crowded train or an unpleasant situation. In those five seconds you are returning home. A vista is opened, you will become more perceptive, you understand people and circumstances better. We are giving you a little present of the rhythm between time and timelessness. Timelessness is when you feel connected to your soul. And something will return to you, because something sees your effort, your own soul/essence is eager to embrace you fully, to love you fully. It only takes five seconds of intense focus.

Many Things Need To Change

The New Year continues a process of transformation leading to a bigger container. There have been too many limitations, many things need to change. Human mind has made a version of reality that has to change. Doing this exposes some ignorance, the ability to damage, so this change depends on you. How much do you wish to enlighten humanity, or create further suffering? It’s your choice, not a divine command.

We Are Here – Just A Breath Away

This is a potent time, you have the opportunity to abandon obsolete ways, ways that actually create destabilisation. You need to be a stable resource for people who feel disturbed in different ways, leading to feelings of isolation and confusion. Give validity to their transformation, give hope and courage. Remember in serving others, you are renewing yourself. And if you cannot serve anybody else, then by serving the body, the mind, your soul, you are making a divine service, because you are divine.

Invisible family and friends are always there to support the upliftment of the human soul, the human family, and all those souls that have courageously taken this incarnation. We are here, just a breath away.



Defending A Wall Of Resentment

Question: I heard this quote:  “holding resentment is like drinking poison, and waiting for the other person to die.” Could you expand upon this?

Munjiji: When you find yourself in situations where you have to say no, but instead you say yes, then a little resentment builds up. This can be damaging in the long run, so it is better to say no than to build up resentment, which will impact on your daily functioning in life.

The problem with resentments is that you start sitting on things rather than noticing what is happening vibrationally. Resentment starts like a mist, which then becomes a fog, causing your auric energy to be squeezed, and this leads to the resentment becoming a wall. Consequently you become less clear, and your mind is confused when dealing with the person associated with the resentment. Then indecision appears, and this is not a sign of deep thinking, but a lack of clear thinking. By this time you are now trapped behind a wall of resistance or denial.

If you resent a situation or person look clearly into it. By holding resentment there is no solution, only entanglement, you are paralysed. This is so important in relationship, and although eventually you have to forgive, before you can do that you have to notice your resentment.



Letizia, in Venice, with Ampi who has passed on.

Question: our dog is ill, it’s a terminal illness, not soon, but at some point. We wondered if we went on holiday, leaving him with caring people he would be all right? Or would he miss us? We are very torn as to what to do.


When you have a pet you enter into a deep relationship with it. If it becomes ill and you go away, even though you’ve left it with very caring people, it creates a stress. A relationship is like a circle, if one being in the circle is suffering, you and all the other people involved in that relationship feel it, this sharing assists in the shared difficulty. If you take a distance, this will be felt by the animal’s emotional body. It’s good for your sick dog to stay with what is familiar, territory, smells, because that sustains him, things you may not notice.

If you had someone who was part of the circle of relationship who could look after the dog whilst you were away, then he would be reassured. Dogs have one of the closet links to humans.

Having an animal, like a dog is a special journey. It’s one of devotion, loyalty and so when the animal is dying it is a precious time. Your pet came into incarnation to evolve and to give love back, just like a human being. The richness of the love that animal friends give is very pure, they ask for very little back. They are a real example to the human family. So now at the end of the journey it’s a time to spend together, in love, with love, and the sense of healing. This is how you can help.

Your dog enriches your life and you enrich his. There is a bond and an exchange of love as well as the difficulties you have encountered through your life and his life. Your love will sustain him longer than the vet expects. It will also ease the suffering. As the physical recedes the emotional body widens and enhances the link to those ones that care for it. It’s easy to relate to the emotional body of an animal because it is raw instinctual goodness, whereas with humans it’s more complex. So as your animal friend is nearing journey’s end this is where your work begins, with this deeper relating to his emotional body. This in a sense gives the feeling you are not losing him, even though the physical body is weakening. You are reassuring your dog that you are there, and that the link is strong. He does know he’s going through a change.

The dog will know when he’s really leaving, the weakening will alert him. He does not have a concept like you have of death, so in a sense he’s freer. His small body will leave the physicality swiftly. Actually he will know more where he’s going than what he’s leaving. For humans it’s more prolonged because of the physical, mental, emotional bodies which are more complex, more layers to transfer from, unlike animals.

Also he’s used to your vibration, that’s how you speak to one another. Your dog is in telepathic contact. He can tell you what he needs if you tune in. There is a simplicity in the response, really a yes or a no. If there is complexity then it’s your feelings not your pet’s. They do not change their minds easily, they are consistent, unlike human beings. People who are lonely and have pets can imagine their animal feels all sorts of things, but this is not the case. Animals make decisions on their instincts which are clear and directed, just like plant which grows in just one way. But dogs, in particular, have the ability to sense love, intimacy, closeness and distance.

Animals are influenced by the style of their owners, they are like children, so similarities between the two can be observed. If the animal is adopted later, the energetic exchange with the earlier owner will then play a part in how compatible the dog is with its new owner. Of course they can suffer mental problems either because of an accident or they’ve been ill treated.

Animal friends contribute much more to the happiness of humans than is realised. By you giving back to them it also enriches you.

Natural Disasters – Human Influence?



Question : I’ve heard or read spiritual teachers from different traditions suggesting that our negative thoughts have some part to play in natural disasters like, hurricanes, drought and earthquakes. Is this really the case, after all these things happened before humans arrived?


Your scientists tell you your solar system came out of a big bang. The planet on which you live was too hot and liquid for billions of years to live on. Even when earlier life forms were on the planet they had to cope with ice ages, and eruptions of volcanoes of a magnitude not experienced in your modern times. You have to look at this as a composite, because your solar system is affected by other systems, and your earth is affected by the solar system of which it is a part. The physical world is dualistic in nature: hot and cold, light and dark, positive and negative. As we have said before living in this world of contrasts can help you to evolve into who you really are, but often this comes through suffering or alleviating suffering.

Cataclysmic events like a hurricane can bring out the best and worst in people, acts of great self sacrifice alongside acts of greed like looting. Human beings are unique in that they have free will as to how they respond to any event in life.

Creation is the dance of a mind behind the creation. In some religious traditions there is the concept of the three aspects of the Divine: the creator, the preserver and the destroyer. This is the cycle of creation, and you live in this cycle of experience. You were born, you are sustained for a time, then you will leave this realm of existence.

Now some parts of your world are in areas of weakness. For example some land may be low lying and at risk from flooding either by rivers or even worse the ocean. Other areas are proximate to fractures in the earth’s crust, or lie in the path of very strong meteorological forces. In other instances humans have ignored the wisdom of their ancestors and started inhabiting places that before were considered inhospitable. For these reasons there is a tendency for the same geographical locations to suffer again and again.

In the case of hurricane there are three factors at work here:

  1. it’s part meteorological, it’s part of the earth activity, but the intensity is regulated by two factors:
  2. how you have disturbed the stratosphere of the planet – contributing to a rise in the earth’s temperature by a tiny but critical amount

3  how you have disturbed the mental sphere of not only one another but the earth too.

Your thoughts are powerful, but you do not relate to that. You just need to look at your news media to see what a negative diet you are feeding your minds. The negativity is infectious, it spreads. It sets up a vibration which creates disturbing ripples. So there is a response to your disharmony, the planet cannot always absorb it without consequences. You may find this hard to understand, but take a simple example: the little gadgets that you talk on rely on invisible energy to function. You cannot see it but you certainly experience its effects as speech or pictures. It can even change your mood.

This does not mean that those people directly affected by the hurricane are negative, they just happen to be where the outcome of the three points we’ve just made makes itself apparent.

The definition you have of yourselves as human family is still limited. How you care for one another has not been properly attended. You are interdependent, you rely on the good will of other communities. At present the tendency is still to compete rather than collaborate. As a starting point if each of you worked on your own internal weather and focused on harmony this would have a huge positive potential for the whole of existence.

You are guests on this planet even though you are made from the same elements. But your human mind is special because it can be either pro life or very self destructive. Potentially you could destroy the planet, at least for human life. You have been given that freedom. It’s in your hands how you affect the balance by the way you care for the planet and also one another.


 The Light from The Heart Chakra of an Angel looks like Wings

There is a kind of buzz with the word angel, but people only have a partial understanding of the subject, causing confusion in themselves and others. People think angels are ‘cosy’, that they will do what you ask them to. This is a misunderstanding, an angel is not going to do what you want, it has a high intelligence and instead knows what you need.

First of all, to really attune to angels you need to understand that they belong to a different line of evolution. In fact under this word ‘angel’ there is a large grouping.

Elementals or Nature Beings

People talk of angels of all kinds, from those that protect them from parking tickets, to goodness knows what else. Normally this type of help is coming from elementals. These are beings of nature, little impish creatures that may or may not help you. Maybe they want to have some fun, and so one day you don’t get a ticket but the next day you get two. They are free to do as they wish, you have no control over them or at least not for long. It’s quite easy to be in touch with them, but they are not from the angelic realm.

Earth Angel

Another confusion is when a person says to you that once you were an angel, but now you are an ‘earth angel’. This is incorrect because, as we said, angels belong to a different line of evolution from the human family and remain so.

Angels or Gods?

The guardian angel from the Christian tradition is thought of as the same as any other level of angelic being, but this is not so.

A guardian angel has a specific task of assisting you in daily matters, and because of this close proximity you also think that other angels are ‘cosy’, and you can convince them to do what you want. But there is another level, the gods, and they are powers, and the angelic beings are in direct connection with them, sometimes they are the powers and are those gods.

With these gods you cannot just bargain with them and change the position of the seats in the cinema because you want a better seat. If you are going to invoke the gods or the angels, which are more or less the same, you may not see the film you wanted to see because you will be blinded by their presence. You need a minute potency to help you for your best seat at the cinema, and yet you are calling a huge potency which is truly what the angelic realm is.

Calling Assistance From Angelic Beings

When you are going through a dark night of the soul then you can call angelic beings to assist. They are always there for your spiritual evolution and they also protect you physically. Angelic beings have an important part to play in human life, but it is from the subtle to the physical that they reflect their energies onto the physical realm. It requires a special attention to know that you are in contact with your guardian angel and not with something else. That is where the risk lies. People think they are always in contact with the same good-natured being, but in fact they are in contact with a great variety of beings without even realising it. They don’t have full insight and so they get a confusing response.

So what we are saying is that you have to make sure that you are tuning in with the right frequency and not linking with elementals who can cause confusion.

Angels don’t know physical life, they understand it. It’s like the journey of the soul back into human existence, before you incarnate you have an overview and commit to all sorts of challenging experiences that you think will be easy. But when you actually land you experience the limitation of a human body. Even from soul level you cannot realise how demanding earth existence is because you are seeing it from a broader consciousness. An angel is similar, it can help you, but your flesh and blood experience is not completely absorbed by the angel.  They can illumine you, they can heal you and they can come very close. Sometimes they can even appear as if in human form, but this is only temporary because they have to return to their wavelength.

Change Your Way of Looking At Life

You on the other hand are like human angels, by coming into physical existence you are potentially spiritualising matter by your own spiritual development. Of course you are bound to meet obstacles because that’s the nature of matter. In order to be spiritualised those obstacles have to be gradually overcome. And these are the tests that come in every human life. So of course from your soul consciousness everyone is so eager to come back and sort out this and that. However when you return to earth plane you realise that you had forgotten all the limitations, people’s minds banging against your mind, not mention a collective little madness here and there. Angels will always try to help, and you make it easier when you take responsibility for your actions, instead of automatically blaming outer circumstances. The only effective change you can make is when you change your way of looking at life. That’s so much bigger than changing cinema seats.

Minutes To Midnight


Question: in the last few months the world seems to have gone crazy. What’s happening?

Munjiji: You are travelling in eternity, life after life. Eternity is not a passive state but a dynamic existence, because the universe is ever expanding. The journey you’re on is about reconciling yourself to your true nature, for some of you this is a discovery and for others a reconnection. Do you notice that you are at times at war with your true nature? Have you noticed this seems to be a planet of conflicts and clashes of energies? And yet, you wonder why it cannot be a perfect place of harmony resonating with creativity itself. Well, you incarnated already with these internal conflicts which are then expressed in manifestation on this planet.

A Reflection of Your Inner Disturbance 

You have come here to learn to soften the differences within yourself, to soften that sense of separation from your transient being to your eternal being. The disturbances you see in the outer world are a direct reflection of your inner disturbance, while usually you think that the external dissonances are nothing to do with your state of mind. In rare circumstances there are people who can truly bring peace, like the great masters. So you see it is possible, but it has to start with you, nobody else. As each one of you becomes harmonious, so the whole becomes a reflection of that.

A Torch of Clarity

Life is for you to experience the contrasts of existence. Sometimes you experience situations where you say ‘this is not me’, and that may well be correct. People do choose different governments and different solutions to common problems. You all have the element of fire in you, some may use it to hurl insults, inflame situations and so on. Instead you can use your fire to illumine understanding, to be a torch of clarity.

Old Seeds Coming to Fruition

Karma plays a part not only individually but collectively, there is collective thinking which adds a different rhythm to life, not necessarily the rhythm of your soul.This works through eons, so what was invisible in this incarnation suddenly flares up, with great violence in your society and you say ‘I don’t know where this came from’. But if you look carefully you can see these were old seeds that suddenly came to fruition. These seeds  were planted in the world of minds, and they mature in the world of physical existence. For example your historians say the seeds of Second World War were planted at the end of the First World War.

The Years of Fire

These are the years of fire, and it is important how each one of you use that very fire.  About eighty years ago you reached a development of mind by being allowed to discover the power to split the atom. This led to the atomic bomb, so now you had the means to destroy the planet. Your scientific mind has developed enormously, but you do not have yet full understanding of human nature. You understand more about the cosmos than you do of yourselves.

A Clash of Titans

From the invisible, we are helping you to have the wisdom and discrimination in the use of these powers. You are forging more and more a world that you can beautify or you can set on fire. Whilst there is tremendous goodness in the world, the element of fire is rapid and  contagious, and in terms of will power, now it is a clash of titans, or groupings of individuals. Some are saying ‘I’m working with my truth and this will be truth for all’ and others are saying ‘there is only one truth’. Relying on one’s own small vision becomes inflammatory, and even if you are the most powerful president of a country or a planet, you still have a limited vision. The power of the light of wisdom is to be able to reconcile opposing forces, if you only work by elimination rather than inclusion there will be no progress. You can see that by a number of conflicts on your planet that have been with you for decades.

Live At The Highest Of Your Being

In terms of your personal dissatisfaction with the maturation of the fire of disruption, although you are limited, you can hold your torch for light, for understanding, for the discovery of truth. Your whole journey in life after life is toward truth, but as we have said the truth that is spoken of is only relative truth. Your truth of today may not be your truth of tomorrow. So live at the highest of your being as you can, at every possible opportunity, don’t miss one. The more you miss the opportunity to live at this level in terms of thought, integrity, and consideration of others then the more you are creating negative patterns, because if there is more judgment of others then there is more desperation.

Free To Create Or Demolish Your World

Of course you are entitled to feel the pain, but you are here to discover your potential by whatever life throws at you, and it’s not easy to understand the ways of humanity because there are different groupings of mind, intent, and purposes. You are journeying towards fullness of truth that cannot be described in words, cannot be known by the mind because it is beyond the mind. When you step beyond mind a lot of what appears to be intractable is in fact a distortion so a correction can take place. Will you be able to make that correction collectively? Well that is a matter of choice for the human family. You are free to create or to demolish your world.

Your soul returns to its own journey whether it has a physical body or not, returns to its own essence. If you do not believe in soul you can call it your intelligence, the spark is the same fire. So first of all when you are discouraged remember to choose the best ideals for yourself – choose the best way of relating to yourself, why not make the commitment to treat humanity in the same manner.