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Glossary of Terms

A Course in Miracles:

Published in 1976. No author as such the entire 500,00 words of the Course were heard as a kind of inner dictation over a seven year period by a professor of medical psychology at Columbia University  in New York, her name was Dr. Helen Schucman, a self proclaimed ‘militant atheist’. It became a worldwide best seller and there are many groups around the world studying it’s profound wisdom. Possibly the most inspiring message in the book is:

“teach only love, for that is what you are”


Akashic Record:

Is the repository of all the events and wisdom for all time.  Munjiji Team consults this in some instances.

Angelic Beings:

Angels emanate from the mind of God. One of the orders of  Angels is especially closely related to the planets: the Gods of the Planets are a type of Angel. These beings move from a higher level sphere towards human consciousness to assist us and other beings. Angelic qualities and energies are transmitted from Angelic Beings to us. A separate level from that of humanity and have never taken human form.  See teaching on Angels.

Circle of Light:

The structure created at the inner plane level by the souls in the Munjiji Team that gather with the people attending a meeting. It is a collaboration between the invisible world and the visible world.


Guardians of the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms; very much concerned with maintaining balance in the natural kingdoms. This title is also equally used for Great Planetary Beings overseeing creation,  evolution and dissolution. Deva is a Sanskrit word meaning  ‘shining ones’.


In some traditions known as fairies or elves, they are nature beings although operating at lower level to devas. They are close to the human realm. More in the teaching on Angels.


In simple terms, this is the law of cause and effect although its workings are more complex. There are two teachings of this on the web site, Karma and Healing & Karma.

Lower Mind:

The sense-infatuated aspect of mind that is often in opposition to the higher mind.

Spiritual Teachers & Guides:

Spirit entities also called spirit intelligences who come to assist us in our human incarnation with love,  healing and guidance. Unembodied intelligence was commonly depicted as winged beings in ancient culture, so our guides and teachers can also be called our angels in a general sense.

Trance Medium:

Someone who can allow their mind to be imprinted by thoughts from the invisible world. This is not being ‘taken over’ because the medium can come out of the trance state at will. In our work with Munjiji, Letizia is aware of what is being said and is a witness.


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