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Healing Practice for Mother Earth

We gather here in peace and harmony to assist all beings near and far in need of help or assistance.

We gather the Emerald Green Ray of light into the heart, directing it to all those in need of healing, help and assistance all throughout existence, no boundaries, no limitations.

May all be heard and assisted, especially those who are suffering through wars, through famines, through earth disturbances.

We direct the Emerald Green Ray of light to them now.

And as you visualise the Emerald Green Ray of light to all the beings surround the earth with light and extending the beam of the Green Ray of light further than Mother Earth reaching visible and invisible worlds touching the hem of existence as you come into reunion with one and all.

Especially thanking Mother Earth for the sustenance and shelter provided to all beings.

May this continue until all is accomplished.

May the one being reside on the highest and may all rejoice and reunite in that oneness.

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