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We are living through times of great change on the planet. This is one reason why meeting Munjiji is so important. Munjiji is a team of beings from spirit that wants to help those of us struggling in different ways in this dimension. When I met Munjiji I was certaintly struggling with a number of issues. Speaking with Munjiji was like conversing with an old long lost friend. Wisdom of this kind is truly healing. The wisdom and insight I received from Munjiji has given me a real sense of unfolding clarity, focus and encouragement. 
– Steve Nobel, author, coach, facilitator, and ex-director of Alternatives, St. James’s Church, London

Dearest Richard and Letizia,I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you both, and to thank White Cloud and Munjiji too, for such an amazing experience last night. We felt so honoured to be in their presence. It was such a privilege to be part of such a powerful circle and I think we were all stunned by the wisdom and the amount of information and guidance that was conveyed to us all. Munjiji’s messages were so reassuring and helpful and we are so grateful that you were able to come and share such a special evening with us. We are still trying to remember everything that was said, it will be wonderful to get your recording of the session so we can listen again and again. I completely understand why you record everything as there was just so much to take in. Hope your fireplace hunting was successful and you have a safe journey home.We shall be “looking without looking” from now on……..With our love and gratitude, Elaine xxxElaine Griffiths MBE

Chief Executive

The Monastery – Manchester

Hi Richard,

Friday evening I had my private session with you.  I then that night dreamt most of the night about Munjiji interestingly enough.  I wish I could remember and had woken up and written it down, but wanted to share that with you and see if anyone has ever shared this with you as well?

I also want to share with you that leaving that session, I may never have been happier so far in my life.  So thankful and grateful to be getting to where I always knew I was going and being, yet was always saddened by having so many roadblocks.  Yet, I do understand that they are necessary for growth and evolution.  I am definitely learning and growing! J

Again, so very thankful for the reading and appreciate very much you traveling and visiting us again. J

Many thanks,



Dear Richard,

It felt very good to be in your lovely home, warm and safe and supported was just what I needed.
I’m so happy to have met Munjiji, their compassion and acceptance of me was most comforting, and it felt like talking to a good old friend. I have felt ‘lighter’ since meeting with you all yesterday, safer and calmer. And equipped with some tools during this next period.
Please let Letizia know that I am honoured and truly grateful that she shared her gift so openly with me.
Much love and gratitude,
London UK
Hello Richard, Letizia and Munjiji,
I have an update from my sister who is very appreciative of all your healing work. She says it must be going very deep, ‘like going down into layers of an onion’. She told me she is being able to stay with difficult feelings and witness them and notice how they move on by themselves, which has been really helpful to her.She has also told me that the twins have had two very harmonious experiences with their father and his partner. This is not usually the case. I think you are still sending healing to the twins also?
So many many thanks and gratitude to you all for your help.
Kent UK
Dear Letizia and Richard
Thank you so much for the wonderful session on Friday.  I know it must be exasperating when we ask about our broken hearts and family relationships but the answer that Munjiji gave me has been transformative and I truly appreciate having this guidance right now.
I had an awful weekend of pain.  So I listened to the recordings from Friday and the week before and then spent Sunday transcribing them both.  I felt so low that I thought I would never be able to reach the space that Munjiji spoke of.  But after asking for help last night, this morning I had another significant realisation about the situation.  As I continued to process this on the way to work, I began to feel the eagle presence – while sitting on the number 24 bus!  I felt myself lift from the gloom of the last ten days and am so hugely relieved. I am starting to feel whole again.  I don’t think this could have happened so powerfully without Munjiji’s help. And without you, there would not be Munjiji.  So thank you both very very much.
London UK
Hi Richard
There are quite a few indications from my son’s letters that he is getting back to a balanced state. I would be happy if you would keep him in your thoughts but you can stop the healing if you wish. I would very much like to come to thank Munjiji in person for the support he has given you in the healing that you have done. Perhaps you could let me know when you are holding your public sessions with Munjiji in November.
London UK
Dear Munjiji Team,
I feel so much better to day. Must be the healing you send me 🙂 Slept like a baby last night. I was also exhausted after getting hold of the chaos yesterday. Thank you for you for your generous healing, Richard. I hope I can pay you back somehow some day. Or maybe it is just a matter of receiving and giving whenever it is needed one way or the other.
Dear Munjiji, the Team, Letizia and Richard,Namostu te!!!” Let there be a salutation and homage to you.”With my loving wishes, deep gratitude for your teaching and infinite
loving generosity to take such care of us.
Sharing all the the merits I cultivate from the past until now and
will be in the future with you all,   all beings, the planet.
Sr Upekkha
Friday 14th March 2014  London Home Circle
Visitor: “I want to express so much gratitude for the time, energy listening and holding that I feel you give to each one of us. So thank you so much for the love that you spread, it’s magnificent. You help me through a very hard time.
“Munjiji’s response:”Thank you dear friend. May the gratitude that you are offering to us tonight be full & brimming & enrich all those ones that need to receive it. So we are offering it back to all those beings present here tonight which are also beyond the confines of this room. Thank you for your offering dear one.”
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