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What We Do

We are bringing the assistance of beings from the ‘causal plane’ of existence. Simply for identification the spokesperson is called Munjiji. Munjiji speaks on behalf of the team.

Munjiji is not concerned about proving their existence. There is no wish to achieve anything, besides being of assistance to anyone who asks for help for their spiritual development.

Munjiji says that the team exists to “assist with your soul’s evolution.” Like a mountain guide they make the journey with us, but they cannot climb the mountain for us. This is because our life is our journey, but we do not have to be alone with the difficulties of the ascent. Munjiji does not tell us how far up the ‘mountain’ we are going to get. That is up to us, we have free will, it all depends on how we use it.

This is a resource for people with questions about life:  why are we here, how can we attain the highest in ourselves, and coping with life’s ups and downs. People who are suffering emotionally based problems should seek qualified professional help because we are not set up to offer this type of help. You can always ask for distant healing.

Munjiji is endlessly patient & embodies unconditional acceptance.  Recordings of sessions are available.

The friends in the invisible world asked for the teachings to be available via the web because not everyone can visit. Formats:

Transcribed Teachings : select in Category Cloud

YouTube: these are on a drop down from the menu Latest Teachings. You can also see more by going to Munjiji YouTube Channel:

Podcasts :

We suggest you read/watch the teachings over several visits to this site rather than attempting to absorb them all in one go. These teachings are not presented as ‘The Truth’ but are relative truths. In Munjiji’s words:

“So what we have said, it is just a little taster of the vast subject of matter and soul.”


If you are interested in visiting Munjiji or wish to have healing please contact us.

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