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Munjiji & the team give healing to help with spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical difficulties.

Munjiji recommends that for people with physical to visit individually. More time can be given and of course they can discuss their situation more fully. We ask that people make a donation after the session.

Distant Healing is also available & Munjiji assures us this is no less effective than “hands on” healing. We arrange that periodic contact is made to monitor the situation and this can easily be done by email. We ask for updates on:

change in symptoms (better, worse, no change) , energy levels and emotional well being.

People who visit Munjiji regularly and who establish their own inner contact can also ask directly for help because the “invisible helpers” are just a thought away.

Healing is a complex subject and no guarantees can be given. Munjiji says that healing always assists but not always at the physical level, although people often feel supported when going through a serious physical or emotional crisis. We have to understand that disease can be the result of many factors: environment, diet, lifestyle, and we do not know what the soul planned when it decided to incarnate. However we never give up hope particularly as Munjiji has told us “that there is always Grace”.

The greatest healing occurs when we know ‘who we truly are’ or as some traditions say become ‘realised or liberated’. At that moment everything that was a physical or emotional problem simply becomes irrelevant even though it may persist.

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