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Wealth & Greed

March 16, 2012

We are aware in this day and age of success and failure financially. It is very visible that some people have great success and you have other people who are really struggling with the basics. This emphasis is like a push and pull on the body of Mother Earth. Those ones who feel that their creativity should be fulfilled certainly there is no denial of that but it seems to be a rule in the Western world that you are entitled to more and more abundance. Certainly dear friends you are all entitled to abundance, but at the material level this is a manifestation of your capacity to sustain life not to limit it. How much truly are people able to sustain the life level of a generous flow of energy in that manner?

The More the Riches the More the Generosity

The riches are often accumulated to stifle life, to reduce the power of life. When that happens to a great number of beings Mother Earth herself is reduced and the flowing of creativity that belongs to the Mother it is reduced. The consequence is that human beings are being deprived because there is restriction in the minds of those that could give more to others. That limitation creates a karmic response. The more the riches the more the generosity the more the flow of the quality and energy from Mother Earth is poured in. The more it is held back and maintained and stored and only used for personal satisfaction the more the limitation is placed not only upon the people that are blocking that energy, but it is blocked also for those ones who need energy for their basic means. That is where the problem is, but often it is not visible to a person who for one lifetime is extremely rich; they have blocked, they have dammed a flow of energy and that reflects onto others and that later on is something to be paid for karmically. It is not well understood that you have the collective karma. So the action of you individually does not only touch you individually but touches a number of beings and all are included. This is a very complex subject but we wished to open it to you in case you need some further understanding again. All suffer when one is accumulating too much out there, it’s a reflection because you are all connected and it is reflected back. Then you wonder ‘why did I not receive?’ because somewhere it has been held back and that comes within the physical law of the planetary power. Those ones that are blocking and accumulating energy are only fuelling for themselves or a few others & are really reducing the well-being of others. Although they may never meet those others, those others will experience lack of work, lack of resources and all those other difficulties and they are not produced by divine intervention they are produced by human lack of understanding of how to be with one another.

Question? What’s the way out of this? Political action.


There is no immediate answer in fact it’s not possible. The illumination of minds and hearts is the answer. It will be gradual because it cannot be transmuted at the physical level instantaneously you need to abandon the physical form to do that. At the physical level all of you are going as human beings at a certain rhythm and it will take the time that it will take. It requires an awakening of minds and hearts and with that awakening of course the beginning of changes. The awakening will appear when some of the changes have been brought in also for the physical form. You don’t know yet if what is called the human earth planet experiment is sustainable at the physical form level for the evolutionary purposes of the souls that are inhabiting this very earth level. You are here as spiritual beings to illumine this earth nature but will that succeed? Perhaps yes perhaps not, that is the truth. This illumination is part of our work together. The work that is to be done is that in front of you and if there is more you will see it. So it is quite simple when you know more you will do more when it is in front of you. You will actually look for it. So just relax with it you cannot see the fruit in time and you cannot see the fruits because you cannot see into the heart of beings sufficiently yet. So you are doing what you’re doing and there is no need to be unduly concerned.

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