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Divest Yourself of your Image of Spirituality

April 10, 2012

You view yourself as the father of children, you view yourself as the mother of children, you view yourself as a student, you view yourself as a spiritual person, you view yourself as a scientist. All these are labels that don’t belong to your authentic self ,to your true self. They are transitory aspects of yourself, a part of your life experience and a part of the image that you wrap around you, that’s how everybody does it.

Not the Real Absolute Just Concepts and Images

When you are a musician, artist or a scientist, taking these activities as one example, you are engaging a subtle level of your being always but you are not engaging the level that people attribute to the word spirituality. The tendency with the very potent aspect that is called spirituality is that as it is such a high vibrational level that is engaged of your being when you use the word spirituality you are putting on it something that is more static because you begin to conceptualise about the absolute, about eternity, about the soul. You begin to think not of the evolutionary path and so you are addressing and dressing yourself spiritually with absolutes but they are not the real absolutes, they are just concepts or images.

Your Spirituality is this Ever Flowing River of Life

So spirituality is the field often of the highest risk of the highest illusion. Hence nowadays in the field of religion there’s been a certain amount of  disenchantment with the word. Religion means to bind together the deeper level of the being with the surface level of the being. But because so much was at stake and became absolute, and those absolutes are not the real absolutes, they are all incredibly relative elements of existence, that have been turned into absolutes. The greatest risk you have of not progressing is when you colour your spirituality with too many absolutes or with too many, ‘this will always be this way’, or ‘I will always act that way’, or ‘this is the final truth and I have reached the source of all things’, and many, many delusions of this kind. Every some time it is useful to not hold on to some of the concepts because simply they are concepts. Your spirituality is this ever flowing river of  life, that is countlessly blessed by all the different nuances and colourings of joy and happiness and despair and all the tonality and colouring that the life flow of existence presents you. Underneath it all it has that eternal fluidity, that flow of eternal life.

It’s All a Matter of Inner Beingness

Its when you are wrapping yourself into this identity of being a spiritual being that sometimes you also need to renounce that, you need to divest your spirituality every some time of that content that makes you a little bit special, a little bit different. So every some time to shake off those layers is a good thing. Even this idea of spiritual and not spiritual, it’s a partial perception once you experience what is this flow of spirituality in you. Spirituality will be part of whatever you are enjoying: your coffee with your friends, or having an ice cream on a sunny day and then you are immersing yourself in that fluidity then everything is an act of worship, everything is an act of understanding, surrender and attunement to life and to the highest. You can live every aspect of your life as spiritual, so it is all a matter of inner beingness and that is why it is said sometimes it is good to divest yourself of that image spirituality, and unmask those concepts.

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