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Crop Circles

April 11, 2012


Questioner:  A few years ago a friend and myself went to look at crop circles in wheat fields in Wiltshire, it was quite amazing. I was struck by how perfect they were, and how the wheat had lain down in such wonderful patterns. I don’t believe they’re man-made, and I don’t believe they’ve been created by aliens either. We think it’s something to do with energy and people have talked about a vortex of energy. I just wondered if you could tell us a little bit more about them?

Munjiji: Yes, one moment please, we are going to look.

We are told they are a unifying system of energetic powers. Of course man is very good at imitating those patterns so some of them are man made. But they are a kind of language of energies. We can say they have very different sources, not to simplify the matter too much, but the intent is the same. They come from different sources but it is an energetic code like a language that the planet needs to absorb and hear and so do human beings. They are also connected to music, if you sit in some of them you will hear sounds, you may hear sounds internally, not externally, but they have to do with vibrational forces that need to reach the earth. They are reaching the earth more and more regularly from further away spaces, planetary influences of a different kind.

From a Level of Consciousness of a Different Nature

So it is a new language of the planet, but it comes from far away. So it is an exchange, it is the planet receiving that imprint in order to absorb the energy, as in ancient times. It’s not the first time the planet has been the receiver of an imprint from different planetary influences. We should say they’re more than planetary influences, it’s not just this solar system, but a level of consciousness of a different nature. When you use the word ‘alien’ of course, it makes everything look rather ridiculous, so it’s true this word is totally inappropriate. However it is appropriate to consider these imprints as coming from far remote consciousnesses which are imprinting the planet on an evolutionary level to assist the planet’s development. You too can benefit by sitting, or perceiving or connecting to the shapes & being in the crop circles, connecting to the shape, drawing it.

Your Consciousness can Expand if You are Receptive to these Energies

Of course in time there will be those who will be able to enter the rhythmic code of this science and symbols. But it is not yet at the level scientists can understand. Your consciousness can expand if you are receptive to those energies which are in the region of rhythm and music.

People have to act in a very natural way, some people feel repelled by it, some people feel attracted – so if you are one of those who are attracted – yes – this is something really to do with Mother Earth and if human beings have an affinity  with it this is welcome because they can respond energetically to it. But because there is not yet a complete understanding of this language and this calling which is presented, the best thing is to act in moderation with everything. You expose yourself to some of the crop circles, but not to all. You don’t become a fanatic of anything, because there are many things in this planet which are reaching the planet itself from very far distant places and some of them are a slight disturbance to the human being at the level of how he/she is constituted. So you do take those things as beautiful rhythms in which you can immerse yourself, up to the point where you feel this is enough. And there is definitely a musical influence in it which you can derive – so you can attune to it and derive what it means to you.

But they are a code and a language which is not yet being understood completely in the meaning of it all and we leave it to you eventually to find those roots, because they belong to Mother Earth first of all, rather than human beings. And so, you will have to keep it for a while as the mystery that it is. You will know the human made ones because there is no life-force, no energy; you will sense they are for fun. Our answer it’s rather generic, but it gives you a flavour.

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