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Orbs an Overview

April 17, 2012

Large Orb to Left of Medium

Humans are complex beings, and you are representative of this great complex universe on which all kinds of existences appear. Despite long periods of ignorance those of you that have kept the link with the invisible have called for the bridging of the gap between the visible and the invisible worlds. You made this call as a human family through the universe and there is a response from the dimensions that have always been very closely related to you.The orbs are part of this response.The orbs are only one manifestation of presences throughout the teeming universe and that manifestation is not as substantial as our talking with you now. When we mentioned earlier that the orb of blue light was us, we really intended to say that it is a vibratory emanation of our light which indicates through the colouring it’s unique function. Orbs, although often they are seen in clusters, have individual unique functions.

Friends and Family in Spirit World can Appear as Light

Some of your friends are in their spirit body now and they may appear to you as a light, but this is different to orbs. Your friends in spirit may make their presence felt through a light, this can be like a flickering light, usually you can see them with your physical eyes and something that often starts with that single flicker of light can have the potential, if you have the right type of medium or grouping of people, to give you also the tangible presence of the individual in spirit.

Orbs have Intelligence although not Full Consciousness

The orbs themselves are a much more fluid substance with their own presence and intelligence. They are coming to your attention now, although they were always closely connected with your reality but you hadn’t noticed so clearly until now. This dimension has a specific vibration, it has embryonic life in it, and it has the potential of expression. It is not full consciousness although that is not quite accurate because orbs are also on the path of evolution and they also can give assistance, or can indicate a disturbance as well. You can consider them, we can use a very gross metaphor here, as radio signals; you don’t see them, you don’t feel them, but some of you can sense them when you are in an electrical field which can affect you and suddenly you feel tired.

Orbs are an Intermediaries for other Vibrational Beings

Orbs are substances occupying a very dynamic operative field with other beings behind them. There are conscious beings connected to the orbs; the orbs are representative of some of the aspects of these individual beings. Now we cannot describe truly these beings because they’re vibrational beings, they don’t come and have a conversation.They interact but it is from consciousness to consciousness that you can glimpse a communication. The orbs are an intermediary of the initial formative aspect of something else which is behind them, which is much faster and more interesting. The beauty of it all is that it’s becoming more visible to you, and you are beginning to explore this blending of other dimensions that are with you at all times, so this is very exciting, this is very good for you.

Orbs Represent a Potential for Your Development and Their Development

Now what can you expect from orbs? Orbs will gather naturally when there is a lot of disturbance and orbs will gather when there are a lot of people around. You will find maybe one orb as a protective element when there are families meeting. If you see let’s say only one orb, often it is a protective element. It can expand into a lot more, it’s really like an embryo you know, the embryo contains a whole person, which has not fully formed yet, so the orb is a force that expresses something that can be utilised. So instead of taking them as some finished product, see them as a potential for your and their development – there is a latent potency here.

As You See Them They See You – so You Can Relate to Them

Orbs are interacting all the time with you and with their own dimension. We said they are intermediaries for the forces ‘behind’ or ‘within’ them, (these words are not precise as it is not a matter of location but of connection), which can be powerful presences, but the orbs themselves are not these beings. We are talking of vibrational dimensions here and you can establish a relating and it is good as you see them – they see you.

Do Not Confuse the Orbs with the Real Presences

The whole aspect of relationship comes again into play, it is like with us, we are coming closer as you keep relating to us. So the same applies to them, but you have to see them as great potential. Some have an imprint already, some are protective light. Some carry the light of spirit behind, some are reflecting the energy of your friends and dear ones in spirit, or they are the carrier of their light but they are not themselves your friends in spirit. Do not confuse the messengers with the real presences. They are intermediaries, but also they can be attracted to  something not very luminous because their tendency is to inhabit certain currents whether they are positive or negative. Those bands of energies can be recruited by individual consciousnesses, incarnate or not, that will be operative upon them.

Orbs can be present as indicators of a real invisible help and assistance, but they can also be used by other powers who have not such a positive intention to illumine your understanding. These other powers actually gather where there are crowds with a lot of anxious feelings, with a lot of negative feelings and they are just witnessing. Orbs will then be present not because they simply wish to witness, but because they are naturally attracted there, from an energetic pull constituted by the energies of the individuals at the place, or the ‘leftover’ energies from the place. Often behind the orbs presence, there is an intended activity. If someone can make use of them either at the inner level or even at the outer level then you will be more capable of understanding the relation with them. This is such a crude way of explaining, that we have to apologise for the lack of precision, but these words can give you the beginning of some reasoning and questioning on the subject.  Please make use of the possibility offered, when you see them, to interact in the way you wish, as there is a potential for expansion. So there is more to orbs than you perhaps could imagine.

Large Orb to the left of The Medium

Questioner: Thank you very much for that general overview, Munjiji. Everybody here in the group tonight has seen photographs taken on the ship and in the house. What we all noticed was in that one room in the house there are more orbs than I think I’ve ever seen in any other photograph. Can you say why that is, is it because they are attracted to the medium for example?

Munjiji: Not uniquely to the medium, they were attracted by the particular situations that were formed in the house. We mentioned to you that the house has portals open; some are unfortunate, we are closing them gradually; some are more fortunate – and so all kinds of activity can come in and the orbs act as a filter there. Orbs were gathering in that particular room because there has been more group activity than in any of the other rooms. Orbs, as we said, are often drawn to places where there is a large collective activity – they often move collectively and they respond collectively. Also you will see them gathering when there is a focus of intention, so you will see them gathering when magnetism of any kind is being used, it could be trance, it could be a ritual, it could even be when your mind is deeply focused on some important research. When people come together orbs are likely to manifest or become more visible than usual. Recently you had in that particular house a lot of activity at the level of psychic, mediumistic and magical energy. So the orbs were pouring in from all corners, and of course when there is somebody like the medium they will have more affinity, because she is also a kind of open door otherwise we could not be operating with her. She has to be at times this ‘open door’ and this is what attracts the orbs. If you are more mediumistic you will have around you orbs, and actually they will be around you not while you are working as such, but when you are kind of discharging the energy or when you are not actively engaging in the energy work. So in that particular instance orbs were plentiful because many ‘doors’ were open; it was like being in a vast open gathering field of energy, and it was particularly conducive for them to appear, and for you to notice them, and that was good.


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