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Ectoplasm and Levitation

April 22, 2012

Ectoplasm looked a certain way for many many years and then about 20 years ago it began to look quite different. Spirit is always looking for different ways to communicate but it’s still the same energy that is being used, it’s the same substance that becomes material. Of course from the world of spirit there is a lot of work to avoid the kind of damage that mediums have received by extruding ectoplasm that was used by spirit. Spirit wants to work with a less dangerous energy and with energies that are fresher and new.  The old way and the new way work in parallel and there is no contradiction at this juncture because as you are working with one type of energy it will become apparent if its being used differently. The two are still relevant although the new energy has not had consistent results like the old ways. This is because the minds of people and the circumstances of life now are more distracting, there’s more  to distract  you and less concentration. There is so much taking place in the ether that it really needs a  good level of concentration, but individuals are getting distracted too easily and there is not penetration of energy at the level that we hoped for.

It is a Relative Extraordinariness

So its not only from your part its also from our side difficult to penetrate when there is density. Although we need to produce density on your side, we have to penetrate a level of density that breaks the mould of the laws that lead you to think this can take place and this cannot take place. We have to break the density for a period of time long enough to allow what you consider extraordinary to take place which is in fact ordinary, but part of a different set of rules, although of course some of you have experienced the phenomena yourselves. Your scientists deny all this and of course levitation is another example although it’s a phenomena that has been registered, witnessed but still has been denied. Is it extraordinary? Well it’s a relative extraordinariness because its ordinary when you discover the laws that governs it.

A Spiritual Power that can Squash you or Uplift you

Now when we are talking about levitation you do obviously probably know that most cases have been spontaneous. Now there was an intention there or a mechanism that was put into place like a formula: A to B plus C will produce levitation. Great spiritual beings have experienced levitation as well as great beings of mediumistic abilities and they were naturally born so. However there are always two things here that apply; one will be that when beings acquire a high level of spirituality, spontaneous internal illumination is produced, light has always been a most important medium, then that luminosity produces a level of subtleness in the physical form and of ecstatic rapture which makes the whole molecular structure so subtle, so light that it becomes lighter than air itself. So the body in that moment will be very subtle, but it is taking place in these individuals that are going through the ecstatic trance, you understand, they are in comunion with the highest and so all the parts of the body are infused. Usually when you are having a very profound spiritual experience you may feel physically either crushed, or uplifted, because you are under the gravitational pressure of tremendous spiritual power,  which can either squash you or uplift you completely.

Atlantean, Lemurian and Egyptian Times these Laws were well known.

So these two polarities are always at work, always could be one or the other, that is one trend.  The other one is inherited through the mediumistic, the genetic code that you are carrying in yourself and can be reactivated because there are memories in you of countless lives, especially if  you carry imprints from the Atlantean,  Lemurian and Egyptian times where some of those laws were well known. The people then were more like scientists as well as being very connected to the working of the evolutionary part of the being called the soul and within specific aspects of the soul they knew the laws that governed this  functioning and they put them into action when they reincarnated. They had quick access to that formula often coming from the unconscious, meaning they knew how to trigger the phenomenon but they didn’t know the rules.


Then there are the ones that have been applying what is called the Siddhis formula. They are again through their ancient tradition applying tremendous will power. A Siddhi basically means a tremendous focus and will power to achieve anything and practitioners have applied that mind power and so levitation is taking place.

So you see we have three directions here already:

created by spiritual input,

created by re-activation of knowledge that is being carried genetically

created scientifically by willpower as a Siddhi

It is operative by using a very narrow band of energy so you are dealing with energy and you are again squashing something to such an extent it is in a sense as if you are squashing your body to such a level that you become as light as a feather. Your mind is activating the changes and makes the body react to that information.

Question: It seems there’s not so many people in the world these days have that ability to manifest the physical via ectoplasm

 Yes. You see the substance that was available from the body of the human beings was available in great quantities up to about 50 years ago. Now this has been damaged and reduced because of chemical changes that the human beings and not only human beings have produced on the planet. This has created some disadvantage although of course you have advantages because you are living in more comfort physically. We in spirit world are responding to this by producing a slightly different type of substance in order to achieve again physical phenomena. This is a kind of transition period. You see the direction of the human mind is rather scattered at present, it is chasing a very high aspiration and then  is going towards a very low aspiration. This produces a lack in the area of subtleties, of power and energies which have to do with surrendering to those ones who know better from the invisible world. Everybody wants to be a Master, before they want to be a servant, they don’t put the patience to work, the years of work. However when we are talking of energies that are so subtle that they then become very dense and very physical it requires something of yourself, of your body and some sacrifice. A lot of people feel that this is not the age of sacrifice and this is nothing that they want to have truly something to do with. Instead they want to see quick results and put little work in. So you see the band of workers that are dedicated truly to this work are less and more limited and spirit world can rely less and less on dutiful mediums, those ones that abide by duty and by love towards serving this very tangible work.

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