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May 4, 2012

Questioner:  you said these are times where what is required is integration rather than renunciation.

Munjiji: Yes definitely.

Questioner:…but that I think was answering a particular individual’s question where he probably had many past lives as a monk.

Munjiji: Well, let’s say this could apply to a lot of people because of the past history of the western and eastern civilisation where the religious people were here and the lay people were there, which was in a sense an imbalance.

Questioner:… it’s a bit like monasticism versus the laity …

Yes, so there were the monastics who felt they were doing the right thing, although inside of themselves many felt that they were not really, or they felt in contradiction with some aspects of their nature. Economic reasons also forced people in this direction including many women.


Less about Renouncing more about Life Balance

Many of you are going through countless incarnations and many of you that are interested in the opening of your own spirituality had many religious lives as monks, nuns, priests and so on. In this era there is not so much need of renouncing again but it is of understanding what renouncing means and what it is that you are renouncing. Nowadays it is a matter of integration rather than renunciation because now the mind of the human being can understand that renouncing will not eliminate the craving of the desire, but could actually create repression and that is very damaging as it will leak out in other ways. Now it’s a matter of looking at your overall life and say: how do I balance, how do I integrate things? It’s not a matter of renouncing the ice cream, it’s a matter of saying is this appropriate to me now, is this what I need?

Renunciation as a Joyous Offering not Victimisation

We are not saying that a conscious renunciation done with skilfulness is to be avoided; if its not a victimisation but is a joyous offering then renunciation is appropriate. In the past people felt that they were sent to be monks, they had not chosen to be monks, there was no other way to be educated so they became monks. Women were sent to be nuns because nobody in the family  would give any money to keep them alive, so all those renunciations were not real renunciation but a way to work or a simply surviving.

Renunciation in it’s Real Sense is Subtle

True renunciation is deep and subtle. It is the ability to step back and observe say a repetitive pattern, something like irritability, that is renunciation and its quite hard. Another example is to keep silent when you would like to hit back at somebody, that could be renunciation when you know that you could give a really nasty answer and then you are holding back. However if you did not have a nasty answer and are no good at answering back, that’s not a renunciation, that is a lack of communication. You see then the subtlety that renunciation means and requires. Simply denying yourself elements of the life force  e.g. fasting may not be appropriate instead it is a matter of blending accordingly what is given, not stepping backwards.

Renouncing the Wrong Circumstances and Obeying the Wrong Authority

People with strong past lives containing the three vows of poverty, chastity and obedience still have them in their psyche and they sometimes enact them in this life by obeying the wrong authority, renouncing the wrong circumstances, and devoting themselves to the wrong activities. So this creates for themselves a life that is a slight distortion. Due to these habitual tendencies that were created through those vows another difficulty is that when a good opportunity comes along the person says: “I could not possibly have this, a job that pays more, I should lead a simple life and be free and earn very little”  but this does not help because in the person’s mind there is still so much thinking about not having money that they become more entangled. It is their vow of poverty, their renunciation coming into play again from an earlier life. The time is ripe for the minds of beings to recognise what truly renunciation is. Renunciation is not a lifestyle but it is a subtle level of understanding truly what it means. With that understanding you can renounce but it is not confined to things it’s how you think act and live. Living an illumined life infused by the divine will lead to peace and contentment with what life brings you. Ultimately when you renounce your will in favour of the Divine Will then you can rest.


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