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Mental Illness Attracting Entities

May 9, 2012


Questioner:  I have a brother with schizophrenia, when he’s not thinking very clearly because of his illness, is it possible that he could attract entities for whatever reason, and if so how could he get rid of them, he wouldn’t know he had them, does he have spirit guides that could get rid of them or is he stuck with them until…?

Munjiji: Good question, one moment. When individuals carry a mental illness which is profoundly impinging on their behaviour, let’s say for most of their lives, it often has to do with having to complete a certain karmic aspect at the physical level. Each case is unique in it’s own right, but we can generally say that although the mental illness is affecting the mind level, it also has a physical effect throughout and the person often has very little control over what is happening to them.


The Soul may have Incarnated to give those around It Certain Experiences

The area that is stuck is a karmic area of the physical aspect, which means an imprint that has been accumulated karmically at the physical level and it will be extinguished once the person leaves that form. Of course it’s a very generic explanation because there are mental implications, emotional implications for everybody and everything in their lives. None should be judged in any manner or way just because they present difficulties from the physical or mental aspects, because it may be a soul that has the specific task of providing certain experiences for those around it. We don’t want you to judge in a limited way the vast scope of these difficulties which are vast indeed. If we keep it very simple and not really going through the details of all and each possibility, we can say that if the person has not much awareness of what is happening to them, once they leave their  physical form they will be relinquished of the burden of not being able to function properly at the mental level.

Something may be Accomplished through this Difficult  Incarnation

It is as if their arrival has been planned to be enacted in this particularly difficult manner and in a way they are aware of it, but at the same time they are not quite completely present. Now you see everything has countless levels and layers and that’s why we find it very difficult sometimes to answer your questions. Here we are just looking at one of these layers, a soul that is inhabiting a physical form whose mental level of being is proving of great instability, which is a kind of disservice because its not easy to function in that manner. This individual presents aspects of his nature not harmoniously correlated but this very fact may be very harmonious in relation to something that needs to be accomplished and brought to fruition through this incarnation. Of course its not in harmony in the general view of how a human being usually functions, lets’ say it’s disharmonious because the physicality is not in harmony with what is the overall individual consciousness, mind level and emotional level.

Like attracts Like and draws Disturbing elements from the Invisible World

This disharmony, in answer to your question, will produce a calling and response of energies that are not harmonious. Let’s say that perhaps your brother sometimes has some symptoms of aggressiveness or violence, and at other times he does not. Let’s assume that this is the case. When he is in those moments when the aggressive part is active, it will draw closely elemental beings that have that type of energy simply because everything sends signals and it echoes and reverberates back, its not intentional, it simply is. Everything echoes throughout the cosmos and like attracts like and also if you look at the overall picture, the elemental disturbing beings also have a part to play.  All those presences that belong to the disturbing elements of the invisible world are there appearing on the stage of existence, they have a part to play, and are there also to strengthen your discrimination and understanding. Above this realm of division and of duality everything is absolutely perfect as it should be, but when you are talking specifically from your experience of life forms, then it is true, aggressiveness for example does attract something negative, that fluctuates comes near the aura and affects it influencing the person’s behaviour. It will produce dissonant echoes and attract dissonant energies or presences.

Only a Strong Negative Intention or a Vacuum will Attract Negative Presences

Whilst dissonant energy is attracted it usually will not be a presence as such merely energy. To have the presence of disturbing beings there has to be an intention, a stronger negative intention or there has to be a big vacuum, these are the two possibilities. Either there is a negative will or there is a vacuum, these are the conditions on which inharmonious beings will gather near the aura of a disturbed person. Otherwise its just fluctuation of movements of heavy energy which has been abandoned here and there and finds a way of filtering down into auras, but this my dear friend happens all the time, happens to all of you, you are constantly letting go, recycling and accumulating new impulses from the invisible so this is not  particular to your brother it applies to everyone.

Always Send energy and Light to People in Need

Now would this state of things affect the energies of your brother and increase his difficulties, yes it could, so the best thing is to send always a wave of energy and light to the people in need. A lot of these complexities (energies & others) that touch the aura are at the surface level of the person, and they are easy to remove. With a chronic illness or condition often you want to look more in depth at the aura, because you see the illness or the manifesting symptoms easily but what is surrounding them? Sometimes what is there is well established in the aura and is more troublesome than the illness itself. So by directing healing, by sending positive thoughts, by sending various lights a lot of those troublesome presences actually do respond and can be moved away and this can be done because they are responsive to thoughts and they are responsive to intentions so they actually can leave.

Postscript: the person in question responded well to distant healing and has a vastly improved quality of life although is still assisted by prescribed medication.


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