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What Happens To Unanswered Prayers?

August 4, 2013


Q: Some prayers are answered but others are not. What happens to the prayers that are not answered presumably they constitute an energy that has to go somewhere?

Munjiji: well helpers in the team tonight are quite humorous and I’m afraid it is bad news dear friend. Not all prayers are really true prayers. What happens is this: many prayers are really just self-preservation of the ego. Therefore from our team in spirit world they are not really regarded as prayers. What happens energetically is that those so-called prayers go back to the ego that presented them. This is quite simple, the prayer which does not have any wider scope and is simply one of self-preservation belongs to a certain band and energy, and so it simply returns to that same band of energy, to lower consciousness.

Of course it is important to the human being for self-preservation, we do understand that. These prayers of self-preservation are necessary because it does help you to start a conversation with yourself, so to speak. In doing this you begin to take stock of the situation and look at your responsibility and to truly reach the highest in yourself. You are beginning to answer your own prayer. Now depending on your level of understanding, sooner or later, you will realise that you need to come to a wider understanding of your current situation, and ask for what your truly need to ask.

A real prayer is one that asks for help for all. You may know of certain religious traditions that always ask for help for all sentient beings and never just for themselves.

Now your question was where does the energy go. If a prayer doesn’t have a certain trajectory and clarity of intent it will not engage angelic beings and helpers in the invisible realm who can assist you. Instead it will probably engage your higher self which can often help. So a lot of this energy is left around the earth. People who are very psychic may notice a lot of stagnant energy above the earth, which comprises of all the prayers and mind stuff of human beings. So Earth looks a little bit like Saturn with these rings around it, except these rings are half formed intentions, aspirations which create mental garbage. So all this creates a blockage and does not look as pretty as Saturn. This explains why the invisible world cannot contact you so easily at the physical level as it could several hundred years ago, because all this mind stuff sets up a barrier. Nowadays people have so many more needs than they used to which are not really necessary hence the current problems you face.

Now let’s turn to look at prayers that come out of desperation. When you know somebody who is in a very difficult situation by all means pray for them, but also extend your prayer to all the beings who are suffering. This makes it much more potent. In the same way if you injure yourself and are praying for help, then extend the prayer to all people who are hurt and this will make it true prayer. This type of prayer will travel fast and will be immediately received by the angelic beings and guardians of the planet who can send it to those ones in need of help. So the help that you receive one day is not necessarily because you prayed but because somebody else was praying for all beings to be helped. Maybe now you can appreciate how you are all connected, and how high your aspiration has to be kept for prayer so that it can liberate everybody and free people from illness. This may seem a little far fetched but you really have to understand the potency of all the souls, not only on the planet, but also those that surround the planet, and when their intention is focused it is more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Now you may say that you prayed for help for a friend who was ill and nothing happens, but the truth is you cannot measure the effect of your prayer, you’re not in a position to do that. One powerful prayer is the prayer of gratefulness. So turn yourself at every opportunity towards this prayer. By doing this you are letting go of yourself and gaining the whole world and that is your real treasure.

We want to reassure you that there is nothing wrong in asking for help for yourself, but immediately you do that also ask for help for somebody in exactly the same position because it’s quite likely that their situation will be 20 times worse than yours. This way your heart opens and that becomes a prayer, but you cannot do this as trick or a formula you have to really pour yourself into it.

We are trying to answer this question as simply as we can but prayer is quite a complex matter. Now there are people in the world who are suffering from wars that are nothing to do with them and they are praying for help, and yet to them no help seems to come along. Now in that instance we have to bring in the law of karma and it can apply as much to nations as it can to individuals, and therefore sometimes people are suffering from a collective karma. Tonight we’re answering your question as it applies to individuals.

Q: does ritual in any way assist prayer? Do the rituals connect with the divine entities and hence create the required link?

Munjiji: the beginning of the ritual is on the earth energy level as it is honouring the energy of mother earth, the beings, the elementals that are connected with the five elements. The people performing the rituals, such as a priest or shaman will understand that in order to ask the gods for help it is necessary to root the ritual here. Often the nature beings, the five elements will be called upon. What they’re doing is building a tent of energy. On this they begin to build the ritual to engage the minds to stay focused, to both evoke and invoke powers which will then respond and come in. You also have to understand that another purpose of the ritual is to actually transform the energy because if you were exposed to a full blast of divine energy you would be incinerated. Its like transforming an electrical current to a level that you can use safely.

We need to remind you that the intent of the people performing the ritual is vital. Without that heart quality the ritual just becomes empty form. Rituals without that intent simply create more debris just like those empty prayers.

Even a simple ritual such as lighting a candle when done with complete dedication will be enough to assist you in your prayer.

You may have a specific link with a particular religion or group of helpers in the invisible world and in such cases the more you focus on that particular grouping then you create like a corridor of prayer which can in a sense become like a conversation. But at the heart of it has to be your complete focus and as we said in answer to the earlier question that prayer has to be for the wider benefit and not just the individual. You can think of it this way, that when you pray for all you also praying for yourself, as you are part of that all but your heart has to truly embrace the all.

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