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What Will 2014 Bring Me?

October 22, 2013
Rare Picture of Letizia in Trance Answering this Question at Sarasota Center of Light USA

Rare Picture of Letizia in Trance Answering this Question at Sarasota Center of Light USA

Yes yes what a good question. If you don’t mind we have to turn it around. Instead what are you going to bring to next year dear one? Because that is more exciting than knowing what next year is going to bring to you.

What you bring to next year is what next year is going to bring to you as well. It is very linked you cannot separate the two. If you separate the two you are under a slight misunderstanding.

Pay attention to your life now, where you are, how you are walking, what are you are giving the most attention to and then as you notice where you put your energy choose carefully and clearly.

Choose with intention what you are attending to. With that focus you might then say: ‘I feel proud to be a mother or I feel proud to be doing this work.’ I am contented with this and because to my contentment I want to add more I might well make to myself a commitment next year that I want to change my job. Or you might decide that you want to expand certain qualities in yourself that you have always intended to.

By doing this you come in to the knowing of where you are going and then with the assistance of your guides and helpers (you do have them and they are already helping you its just a question of becoming more attuned to them) you will channel energy already with the knowing of what is going to take place.

So as you know what you are contributing to the year 2014 you become co-creator of that. However there are collective events because there are millions minds of beings which can operate in a somewhat negative way and impact on your plans.

So again you have to say: ‘ what do I bring to this?’ Because you are holding that light you can understand and welcome the place of conflict in which you might find yourself. But you will not be afraid because you understand that you also co-create, you also participate. From our team we always encourage you to be a participant because this is a collaboration. Of course there are those beings called seers that see events in the future but there are always a number of elements at work so what can be seen is simply potential, not necessarily what will happen. This is a big subject that we can go into another time.

We are sorry that we have not been able to answer the question in perhaps the way that you imagine but we encourage you to be the creator of your own future.

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