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Winter and Ageing

November 19, 2013

DSC01652We are reminded by some of our team that for those of you in this part of the world winter is approaching. As well as winter touching your physical body you’re also entering a new season within your physical self. You are getting older. These variations in the seasons of your life are actually greater than the variations that Mother Earth presents in the changing seasons.

Your soul which is evolving is here to experience all those changes of season. When you came into incarnation with that evolutionary part of your soul and that beautiful light you invited the experience of mingling with space and time. From the standpoint of the eternal part of your soul you are brought into a peculiar aspect of existence. You now have to deal with time and space and this is rather strange because you came from another dimension where you were completely in your soul presence, your essence, your light and did not have this challenge.

Acting at The Speed of Thought

Of course when you are completely in your soul essence and with your soul group you are experiencing aspects that are still full of evolution and unfoldment but these experiences are not experienced in time because it is as if your internal clock is either stationary or is moving so fast that it appears to be still. When you’re not in your physical body you’re actually acting at the speed of thoughts. Scientists on earth have tried to calculate how many thoughts you have in just one minute and the number is mind boggling. Thoughts are coming to you from all different directions from your unconscious that have been maturing over many years and others that have their origin in past lives; then there are those from the collective consciousness plus others from your family tree and so on.

Frustration: A Word You Use A Lot

When you were in your soul essence you were much freer of the limitation you now perceive in your body as you try to expand into the fullness of what is truly a human being. The experience that you have now is frustrating; this is the word we hear you using a lot. Also it can lead you to distress because as you look at the seasons of your life you often do this with a rather harsh judgement. You might feel that you’ve not done enough, not experienced enough, not evolved enough. Maybe these were things you had in your soul plan before you incarnated.

Quite understandably because you’re here having a physical experience you look at everything from that point of view. So you see the body ageing and you tend to assume that all the other subtle aspects of yourself are also ageing as well. Because your consciousness is so aligned with your physicality you become confused and do not realise that life experience is actually changing from the soul level.

Feel Younger Than When You Were Younger 

Although at the physical level you are diminishing there are continuous seasons of renewal and transformation so that you can actually feel younger than when you were younger. You may look with the eyes of innocence that you did not have when you were younger, because that innocence was compromised by other elements. Maybe now you are beginning to unravel some fixed ideas about how things are going to be expressed or manifested.

This shift in attitude is because you belong to life eternal. You are a being of eternal unfoldment in this eternal experience of life. Your physical and mental being are subject to the laws of nature but your consciousness is free of such restrictions and can connect with the ground of your being or soul.

The Seasons of The Soul Are Vast

Your universe is continuously expanding and so is your consciousness. When you are aware your consciousness is outwardly expanding then you experience joy no matter what physical age you’re stepping into or whatever life is bringing. Hold tight to that understanding which is the true seeing of the soul. Do not mistake yourself for the body that goes through seasons because within those seasons are other seasons and these are seasons of the soul. The seasons of the soul are vast, they are unlimited so you do not need to feel the restrictions of ageing. Instead you can feel within that limitation of ageing the widening of your true self. If you can begin to play with that perception then even if it is not clear it will be like a pebble thrown into a pond and the ripples of your consciousness will continue to expand outwardly. If you are becoming limited physically nevertheless you can experience this richness even if it cannot be conveyed outwardly. This world we are pointing to does exist because you are life eternal. You are life and you are eternal which means not static.

Winter: A Period of Inwardness

So as we are together with you this evening joyously we are witnessing the autumn season drawing in and the winter approaches. You can see you’re now entering a period of inwardness.

During this more inner time you will have your reflection of how far have I gone and what have I achieved. We want you to use your reflections to really focus on the qualities of your life with the intelligence that is truly eternal that is made of the consciousness which can switch to a level of presence that will truly enrich you rather than crystallising into patterns that will condition you.

A Spiritual Perspective is Much Freer

When you have a difficulty it is all too easy to look at it from the perspective of your culture rather than approaching it with a spiritual perspective which is a much freer approach. In the same way look at what is sometimes called an older age with a more playful approach. If you view it from the essence of your being you can reverse it into a younger more fuller dimension something that is richer that is constantly aware of the word eternal in the best sense of the word which is flowing and expanding. Sometimes the word eternal can almost imply a sort of dullness of an unchanging state. Eternity is not like that.

Focus On Your Inner Being

There is a misunderstanding that passing from physical life leads you to a place of forever unchanging, to a somewhat limited condition. Instead it is totally expansive, it is totally evolutionary so when you are talking to your loved ones in spirit they are already changing unless they are refusing to connect with their intelligence and with their consciousness. Even if they are refusing to connect with the best in themselves due to some karmic dysfunction or deeds they are always given the opportunity to turn the tables around and to see themselves as new and fresh and to drop the mask of a disturbing personality.

So we wanted to give you these thoughts to play with because in the coming weeks and months the weather will be changing and influence you. However if you can rise above this and focus on your inner being then you will remain untouched by uncertain outward circumstances. So use and play with all the different colours that life brings you because you are that eternal life.


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