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Years of Fire

December 2, 2013


Since 2012 the human family has entered the years of fire, with the potential for truth or destruction of truth. Truth means having to include your own contradictions,  and all those things that prevent you from experiencing the beauty of your totality as a human being.

This turning towards truth creates a polarisation. If you are committed to seeing truth and humble enough to look at what needs changing then there is something to hope and aspire for, even when all seems lost, there is still that line of light.

You have your guides and helpers who can help you when you’re thrown into the worst darkness, even if it is of your own making, or somebody else’s.

People are at a crossroads where they can look at the truth or turn to falsehood. You are all connected, to not only human beings, but all sorts of other elements, and some are not so luminous. If you turn to falsehood like attracts like, even at the subtle level.

2013 was another year of fire and for many people things have come to a boiling point. Next year will be time of fire and water which will exacerbate some things because water is disruptive in a different way.

You are in a process that burns away all the buried and neglected aspects of yourself leading to purification. Those of you who have asked to be ‘beings in truth’ will experience the dross being burnt and this can be extremely painful. Eventually illumination, clarity of spirit, intellect and intuition dawns; it is a clarity that arises out of full understanding.

Whenever there is need for more understanding there is more disturbance which leads to fresh re-organisation. The personality experiences this as bewilderment, disappointment and pain. Some of you are experiencing secure jobs disappearing. Others experiencing relationships fracturing.

Roles and jobs that hide your authentic self have to be dissolved, otherwise you meet again and again the dilemma from which are now trying to free yourself. To bear the brunt of facing oneself is not easy, but the soul has asked to be divested all those roles. It is like a mask that has been wrenched off.

To experience your true self all the many layers of the false self have to be peeled away. The hardest layer to lose is the one that you’re too familiar with and imprisons you but eventually, the compassionate being called life experience comes along and disrupts plans, relationships, work, dreams and aspirations.

To relate to the highest in yourself requires that nakedness, that truth and it is not an easy weight to bear. Human beings cannot bear much truth and it has to be given in small doses.

The lower mind although good at planning is also full of fear and reacts in horror when life turns out differently.

You have to connect with your higher mind, it’s able to work with an uncertain future. You need to blend with your intuitive sense, and surrender to the highest in yourself. Staying in the unknown is very challenging for the lower mind. It’s a little bit like climbing a mountain, with a rucksack on your back, full of ‘what you know’. Instead put this down and trust your higher self to lead you up the mountain. We in spirit world come to help you with what looks like an impossible task.

The vantage point from where you look at all that is going on in your life is crucial and this is called the observer. The observer is not to be seen as a finished product, it changes as you evolve. Your lower mind can influence the observer judging things as being unsatisfactory. The quality of an observer is that it merely witnesses without judging things as being good or bad. It’s like saying winter is bad and summer is good when in fact they are complimentary aspects and in harmony with life.

These years of fire can only be managed one day at a time. Never forget that you are eternal beings and your expansion is ongoing because you are infinite.

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