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2014 – New Year’s Eve Address

January 4, 2014
By Diane Barker

By Diane Barker

Please consider what is your specific pledge for this incarnation. As you came here you decided the course and direction of your life through the power of your soul. Your existence is sacred because human life is sacred and we wish to remind you of this again and again. Remember your pledge is to know who you truly are.

An Experiment of Great Potential

Human life is sacred because it is a bridge between multi levels of existence both in the physical realm and the invisible. Other levels of consciousness are influenced, like the animal kingdom, by the way human beings behave. Humans have a profound effect on this physical existence. Also beings in the invisible world are inspired by the development of human consciousness. However we have to say that the human experiment has not evolved to the level that was hoped for. We do not use the word experiment in any demeaning sense because as an experiment it is full of great potential.

As you develop and increase your light it will illumine all the dark corners of ignorance everywhere. Your light will also reveal more of you to yourself so finally you become integrated with the power of your soul.

You are an example to all that surrounds you that there is a way of light even in the most demanding of situations. When you remember the being that you really are then you become a pointer for others. So you are not just participants in life you are a co-creators.

Your glance it is sacred when you look, your speech is sacred and your touch is sacred.The way you work with your five senses impacts on the subtle senses which in turn impacts on the subtle bodies.

The power of darkness is real and is necessary because it is a natural result of the interaction of the elements at play in all life formations including the solar system. But you have the capacity to bypass that darkness from the higher level of your being.

Years of Fire and Water

In 2014 it is vital that if you are aware of aspects in your being that needs transforming then do not delay because these are years of fire and water. These elements, particularly in combination, are full of the vivid energy which is permeating the whole of mother earth and this includes you. It is full of great potential for evolution. This is such a time of acceleration that it is time to invite more of your true nature to become visible. Be aware of just how transformative is your presence. In the moment you acknowledge the existence of your own light then the process of transformation begins to take place.

This requires effort but it is not the normal effort associated with willpower. It is an effort of a different kind. It is really the capacity to relinquish what has become obsolete and to relinquish all that in the personality which does not serve the light. It needs the determination of a warrior but that warrior has to open the heart so wide that the descent of grace can truly touch you.

Flowing With The River of Life 

It is allowing that intimate conversation with the highest, divine, God or whatever you want to call it. Nothing is more conducive to this happening than by allowing things to take place. To flow with the river of life rather than pushing against it even if you don’t like the direction of the river.

Your strength of warriorship is in the allowing rather than the imposing and 2014 will see this dance accelerating. As you see more clearly through the sharpening of your inner light you will see what is required to face the future.

Sometimes your daily life is not progressing in the way that was hoped for by the personality. Although your highest wish is maybe for a conducive relationship or for peace in the world those things don’t take place. The problem is that the personality cannot see the whole picture and cannot see what is really taking place. Never be discouraged because your life is a continuous revelation and you cannot see what is coming. Around the next corner could be something painful but it could be of assistance in revealing to you who you really are.

You are here to express the presence of soul, your light in fullness. Do not be mesmerised by your own personality. The personality is transient and deeply ingrained aspects of yourself can be transformed by life events. Look at your personality as a lovely protective layer that is not always necessary and can stand aside to allow your heart, your essence to come forward. Some of you may be experiencing pain and great  disappointment but your heart is like a spring of renewal that will lead you forward. As you follow your heart it will take you towards love. Live your life in fullness of aspiration and give to others what you give yourself.

Yes there is temporary discouragement but do not think that this human experiment is missing its direction. Everything that is taking place in your life is full of richness and is purposeful.

Union With The Highest

Sometimes you have to dig a little bit deeper, it’s true, to reach the jewel and sometimes you have to dig with your hands because you’ve tried all the various tools and they have not helped. And as you go deeper and deeper you call for help and as you call for help something opens & grace descends. Bit by bit you experience union with the highest.

You know you could not even take a breath if it was not allowed by the highest; so really all the things that concern you every day are quite insignificant compared to this.

Whatever difficulties life presents you with offer them on the altar of the highest. Ask for the divine to help you to take the weight of those things that you find too heavy. But you need to establish that conversation with the divine in which ever way feels easiest for you. Be open to that energy and insist on that dialogue.

Whether you know it or not that divine energy is continuously woven into the texture of your being. You are not at all separate from the infinite nature of your being. It is simply that you are on this self revealing journey. Keep calling for grace to descend and touch you and open you more and more so that life will take its course.

Understanding is left to other future times because not everything is understood from a certain perspective. Not everything can be included because there are conflictual aspects that will not be understood neither from your lower mind or your higher mind. So again these things have to be offered to the divine.

As your New Year approaches we invite you to establish that conversation with the divine either in stillness, silence or through words. For this year to come invite presence (divine) to come so close to you that there is no separation. Pray for this because these are the years of fire and these are the years of fire and water and all these elements coming together can give you a tremendous jolt not because of anything negative but because there is the potential for union. What appears to be the most disruptive can in fact be the most unifying but it depends on how you attune to the compass of your inner light. This is crucial and out of that you will see transformative powers at work in you and all around you. So with these words we leave you to your own reflection and your own pondering.

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