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The 1960s & The Energy of 2012

January 24, 2014
Haight Ashbury

Haight Ashbury

Q: I grew up in the 1960s which was the beginning of tremendous change in society here in the West. It was inspired through the arts and particularly influential people like: Bob Dylan, the Beatles and many, many others. People were inspired, protest began and an old order of society gave way to a new. Meditation and great interest in eastern philosophies arose to form New Age Spirituality . It seems that energy came, had an effect and then left. Now I hear you and others talking about the new energy that arrived since 2012. Is this similar to what happened in the 1960s?

The period of time you are referring to comes after two wars, separated by only twenty years. Unusually they involved nearly the whole world. Loss of life on such a huge scale created an enormous movement of souls into the invisible world.This created a huge gathering and rearrangement, which twenty years later produced a flowering of new energy. That down pouring of energy meant that doors could be opened, almost like flood gates of energy. This could not have happened before because the obscurity had become incredible. Social structures were entrenched and fixed.

A Social Order Departs

A Social Order Departs

The only way for evolution to proceed was to free souls from their physical form. This enabled them to truly have the vision of what they needed to do, so that they could once more comeback, in human form, and to operate from a very different perspective.

It was a tremendous sacrifice made by the human nature at that point in history. Without that the human being would have been stunted in the evolutionary sense.

The result was that in the 60s there were more possibilities for more and more people.

Now again from the invisible, the great masters and protectors are looking at how human evolution is progressing, with all the crowding in of souls, some of whom have never incarnated before.

Right now the result is not very satisfactory, because you are polarising again in your beings and your hearts. At least some of you are moving according to plan and are able to respond to the new energy that is coming down. This energy is only coming down because there are sufficient number of human beings who are calling and opening to such an energy, otherwise it would not happen.

This new energy really has been given as grace, because there is a grouping of humans who are really evolving. They have matured a capacity to receive this much faster energy.

It is of course still open to the human beings as to how they navigate with this new energy. The question is will it lead to new expansion or will it lead to more wars?

This energy is offered to speed up the attention to what is truth and what is real.It is for you to operate more from that level of totality as a total human being, not a fragmented human being.

Unfortunately there are a lot of people in distress who cannot transform because of their distress. But others are able to use that distress as a way of transforming.

To use a metaphor: you need to keep your inner compass quite clear. Let’s say north is your spiritual orientation. This means you have to really head north because north is where your faith lies and you cannot lie to yourself.

If your orientation is not correct and your spiritual north is not in place you are not in sync internally. This means then that things will not make sense and there will be the greatest disappointment and bitterness. And this will happen to some people. Make sure you know where you are going.

Now there are a lot of wars because some countries are transforming themselves socially. Some nations may go towards a worse type of government and a more oppressive type of state. Many people have died and more will, but in some cases their soul will mature more quickly. Normally the maturity of souls takes time, but it is often speeded up through the elimination of the physical life. It is not pleasant but it happens nevertheless.

A Country in Transition

A Country in Transition

Some of those who left the planet, because they died through civil war, now they are being instructed, and they are being assisted quickly and intently to re-enter and establish new levels of awareness. Those ones that do not wish to re-enter they are seeing more clearly what is taking place, they are instructed to assist. So there is a lot of work going on, not just what you are seeing.

As you said back in the 60s there was a certain grace and doors were open. Now in the same way doors are open, but there are different qualities. We need to perhaps emphasise that some opportunities are created by people of individual light here on your earth. It didn’t only come from the transformation of those souls who passed quickly to another plane of consciousness.

The descent of what is given, is given, but how you use it is up to you. The speeding up by the energy is not done to disturb you but to accelerate your  evolutionary understanding and the level of evolution. The energy is there for all to tune in to. Souls return with greater awareness to help and assist those ones who already can hold the energy with their inner light.

Thank you Munjiji for the explanation. What a pity so many lives have to be given in order to help with our evolution. Historians tell us that class structures and social divisions, and the role of women were profoundly changed as a result of those two wars.

Indeed and we hope you do not need anything similar, but there are a lot of disturbances and things are holding, just about. But do not fear disturbances, this is a time to take risks this is not the time to be too safe because you stand on the ground of your divinity that is a fact. You need to take a risk to know who you truly are. Don’t delay.

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