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February 14, 2014



Q: It seems to me my family can never really treat me as who I really am because they just don’t see me. It seems pointless to look for any validation from them?

Munjiji: There are sometimes family groupings that are very close and supportive but many other groupings have a big blind spot towards one another.

Often the formation of a family is karmically produced. This family bonding frequently presents unresolved issues, and this karma together is not an easy one. The energetic pull that brought you together requires you to work at balancing the karma. Often, everything cannot be resolved in one incarnation. You may feel sad about that because there is not the tidiness that you would like to see.

One of the important aspects of this family friction that you experience is that it is part of a purification process. This process helps you to grow to be who you really are.

It’s not that you or your family members have to change radically. Instead, it is enough that you are close to one another and can experience one another’s differences. Acceptance of the differences is the beginning of the freedom.

Usually the karmic relationship is from a previous life, where there was a very strong bonding. In some way that relationship went out of balance and the harmony was lost. So now you are incarnating again with the person with whom you had such a strong bond. Of course you are picking up from where you left off which means there is a dissonance, which interrupts the harmonious family relating. Somehow you have to find the balance again and this will be specific to each individual and the particular circumstances. Unlike friendships it is much harder to plan and organise things in families. For a example, if you don’t want to see a friend it is quite easy to take a distance.

Sometimes you think that the rest of your family members all come from another planet because they’re so different. However this is giving you the opportunity to free yourself from previous binding ways of relating that did not allow you to grow. These difficulties are often felt most keenly by those family members who are trying to relate to the highest in themselves, to their own inner light.

You may find that you reincarnate several times in the same type of family, with the same family members, so that you can work on balancing the karma from a number of different angles.

Your spiritual evolution will be different to that of the other family members. This results in you searching for people with whom you have a particular spiritual affinity, people of a similar frequency to you, these are your friends, at least for the time being.

And yes it is like a little wound that your family members who are closest to you and should know you best are often the ones who misunderstand you the most. So you have to relinquish your attachment to your family to be a certain way, and instead just do the best you can for them.

You cannot force any relating because you are a unique vibratory field and so are they, and you’re each moving in very different ways. When you’ve got to the point where you feel you’ve done all you can in your family then you just have to let it go. You can often only have a superficial relating. Instead be with the people who can see you for who you really are, who have more empathy with you.

You do yourself a disservice when you try and slow down your vibrational energy in order to fit in with others.

As we said before these are times of rapid growth and it is now time to see the whole world as one human family and not to discriminate with just small groups of people that you were born into.

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