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Where Are Your Thoughts Taking You?

August 14, 2014
Den of Obsessive Thoughts

Den of Obsessive Thoughts

Are you aware of where you are taking yourself, either with your feet or with your mind? You may have noticed that your mind moves much faster than your feet! Sometimes it takes you to places you would rather avoid. So it is good to recognise this in order that you can operate according to your wishes. Taking the feet as an example: supposing you are planning to go home. But if instead your feet take you somewhere else, and you cannot go home, can you imagine how hard that would feel? You might adapt by sleeping under a bridge or a tree, but it would be uncomfortable. If you reflect for a moment, this is what you do constantly with your thoughts. Your thoughts often take you to places you don’t want to be. A little discipline of observing where your thoughts are taking you would be useful.

You Can’t Find Home

You can think in terms of the thoughts as having feet that mostly never take you home. They are taking you to somebody else’s home all the time. You are then facing problems that are not really your problems, they are somebody else’s. Your feet have taken you to somebody else’s home where you don’t feel you fit in. If you are observing this from where we are seeing it you would find it somewhat comical, although a little sad, as you are being taken everywhere, anywhere but home. Make up your mind where you are planning to go. It’s fine for a time to go and see this and that, and see the whole world until it becomes your home. The fact is the world has not yet become your home because you can’t find your way home. If you begin to look at your thoughts this way you can begin to lighten up when you have obsessive thinking, which all of you have at times.

You Think This How Life Is

You start to go down an alleyway that is getting darker & darker and you enter a particular den. You hadn’t planned that of course. In this ‘den’ somebody gives you some opiates, in this case thoughts, that are even heavier and you cannot move any more. Just like the effect of opiates, you are lying down there, completely crushed by those thoughts. After a while you even begin to like it, because it almost relaxes you. It is so familiar to you to go down that particular route, to enter the den and stay with the opiate of your own thinking. You think there is nothing better, there is nothing outside of this, you think this is how life is. So remember these images because this is exactly what you are doing. You come out of the ‘den’ rather confused and start complaining that mother earth is not playing her part, that your body is not doing the right things, and complaining that your friends are not doing the right things. Of course there is a little confusion because that opiate of thought has blurred your vision.

Can You Be Present?

You need to re-centre your vision, look for that inner compass, your spiritual compass, because that is turned to the spiritual north where your home is. You need to ask every day for help in the midst of this confusion – “please take me home”. Home is where your heart is. This is not the fluffy feeling of a heart of romance, instead it is a universal heart where all your mulit-dimensional being fits in, everything is included. Nothing else needs doing because everything is done by sheer presence. But can you be present?

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