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April 12, 2015
Location Means Nothing When You Surpass It

Location Means Nothing When You Surpass It

Here is the answer concerning an individual but it has a lot of information that is relevant for all.

Munjiji : Please tell A… and the daughters that T… continuing his evolution in the subtle world. This has not been affected in any way by the manner of his death. Although this man was in despair, behind that despair is a good will, and also a wish to understand what was lying behind that unbearable element of his life.

His wish to know the cause of his suicide is drawing help from beings in the invisible world. He is being helped because of  his willingness to try and understand what was not understood when he lived on earth.

His mind. which of course does continue after leaving the physical body, is being given the opportunity to see that there are fresh possibilities and understandings. He is being given assistance to review this most recent life. To understand why things developed in such a painful way.

If later on in this review process he begins to feel regret at the way he left the earth there will be help to enable him to integrate this experience.

We wish to reassure you that people who leave the earth in such a painful way are never abandoned when they transition into the subtle world.

Of course when the mind and the emotions are free of their identity with the physical body, they actually expand, although this isn’t quite correct. But this is the best way we can explain it to you.

Next what happens is the veil between the soul and the mind is removed so there is a sense of the soul coming forward to assist. (Just to digress for a moment you need to understand that when you incarnate a part of your soul remains behind. The other part comes into consciousness with you. When you die then these two parts of the soul are reunited.)

So when these two aspects reunite they then are helping the personality which still persists for quite a long time after death. Eventually the personality will dissolve. But for now there is a period of rest, particularly as the mind has been subjected to a sudden expansion and needs to find its own bearings. Often there is a great feeling of joy. A metaphor would be that it is similar to your astronauts experiencing weightlessness and this can also be a little disorienting.

There is a need to come to terms with the new dimension and reassemble past present & future conditions, particularly when the physical life has been abruptly severed. This process takes quite a long time. Eventually the soul is ready to receive new teaching & insight about how to evolve further. So the soul will be aware of having left behind family & friends who may be concerned about the evolution of the soul. ( This is what the questioners main concern is.)

Please convey to A…that T… doing well, he has taken a period of rest and he is now working to understand what brought him to that abrupt end of his life. He is trying to reconcile a number of elements that he could not reconcile whilst he was alive. As he understands he will then be able to expand and introduce fresh elements into his understanding which will be very healing for him.

The link that he has with his family is never interrupted not even by death. Sometimes the link actually becomes stronger, because certain emotional elements that were not dominant in his life are actually now more present. So it is a time of revelation now that is bringing in to balance something that went out of balance whilst he was alive.

All that we are explaining to you exists outside of time so it does not necessarily happen sequentially the way that you would understand. What we are describing could actually take place in your understanding in a matter of minutes or it could be months. This is where it is difficult for us to translate this in a sequence that you would understand. Of course the fact that there is an evolutionary level to this does imply a sequence and this is true.

T…… being well looked after and he is beginning to operate in accordance with those things he values. What he is learning to value is what he found difficult to value then. He is learning about relating and also the value of the human journey and in no way is his soul lost. His subtle body contains his old understanding and also his memories but it is also now incorporating his new understanding. He is also able to establish links with those ones left behind if they wish to contact him from heart to heart, from mind to mind.

Our words do not convey everything that we would wish to communicate to you but they will help to link you at an energetic level and this is actually the most powerful level of all.

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