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Who You Really Are


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Munjiji talks of Existence as comprising of wavelengths, billions of them. For this ‘map’ he said to instead use one colour for Essence of Being and another for limited Physical Existence.” Richard. 


You are a temporary individuality reflected in the mirror of existence. The individuality that persists is the shimmering light of the Essence of Being.

We can only speak to you about the infinite with metaphors because your finite mind by its very nature cannot comprehend infinity.

Imagine the Essence of Being or Existence as comprising of billions upon trillions of waves of energy or light. These waves vary in density depending on their purpose. Some waves become so dense that they create a physical existence. This is permeated by all the other waves of light except they are invisible. This physical existence is interacting with the non physical in many many ways.

One interaction is the impregnation of the denser physical matter by a wavelength giving rise to consciousness. Death is only a change of wavelengths.

Your tendency as a human being is to identify with physical existence or nature. Your physical existence includes the countless galaxies; yet it exists within and is permeated by the Essence of Being. Nothing is separate, everything exists simultaneously. Your own observation shows you that everything is moving in and out of physical existence. You feel separate and this is the cause of all your suffering.

Your scientists already know there are more wavelengths of light than they can calculate.

Human beings do experience aspects of the Essence of Being through subtle contact with the effects of its energy. Examples are:

Mystical experiences/ Unity consciousness – great spiritual teachers all speak of this.

Contact with loved ones who have left physical existence.

Conversations with beings like ourselves.

Healing/ Miracles/Near Death Experiences.

The whole purpose of your existing is to evolve to experience unity with the Essence of Being, God, Divine, whatever you want to call it. Believing is not enough, it has to be your reality. When this is achieved then you have no separation. At this point you experience ‘Who You Truly Are’ which is an infinite, eternal being of light that is inseparable from the Essence of Being. You are this anyway but it’s not yet your experience. This is why we have said to you in past: “We see you as cities of light”.

To arrive at this experience, to wake up to your ‘light nature’ means a shift of identity. As we said recently, many of you are intoxicated by the substance of existence. You have no interest in looking outside yourself. Life kindly assists you to wake up by creating enough discomfort (actually you create it for yourself) and eventually you seek a way out by looking inwards to the depth of your being, instead of outside yourself.

Looking for a way out is to find a spiritual path. A spiritual path is: a commitment to your own light and to the evolution of that light. This requires intention, dedication and consistency.

Eventually you will shift your identity from lower mind to higher mind and ultimately to ‘Who You Truly Are’. Human beings argue amongst themselves as to who has the true spiritual path. All this does is to strengthen your illusion of being separate from the Essence of Being. In truth there are as many ways to knowing your essence as there are people on the planet.


You have the potential to experience yourself in a completely new way. One that is beyond the limited ego identity with the mind and body but nobody can do it for you. You are consciousness itself. It is your choice when you wish to aquaint yourselves with this truth. As you grow, eventually you will know that there is not even the human family. Instead there is one being, a vast human being, scattered into billions of minds – the one being.

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