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Linking with Spirit Guides

March 15, 2012

(The questioner has a specific link with Giordano Bruno who was a Dominican Friar who said the sun was a star and there were an infinite number of inhabited worlds populated by intelligent beings – for this he was burnt)

Let’s begin with the level of trust but also with the level of some uncertainty because although there has been an impression upon your mind, upon your physical body, you are not yet sure of what is this communication, and how it’s going to take form. When you are connecting with someone in spirit that you feel a profound respect for and the sense of value in that exchange, you are connecting energetically, first of all, with intelligence and beings that have their own unique way to present themselves. Energetically it is a kind of seesaw, it is as if you are trying to match what you have received and recognise the language, the way of being. The ‘language’ of course we are stating that in inverted comma because it is not made of words necessarily.

First of All it is an Energetic Level

It is, first of all, an energetic level. You experience different things:  you feel vibrationally an impact perhaps in your mind, an impact perhaps on your body, an impact in your thinking, you may feel more clouded, you may feel sleepy, you may be feeling alert or heightened, but you do notice a variation. So the first thing is noticing an impact, this indicates contact. Regular practice needs to be maintained and regularly cultivated. With that has to be cultivated the possibility that it may not be the clear dialogue, it is not always necessarily a question and answer. It is an energetic exchange. Not one medium works likewise, not one individual is like another human being on the planet. Hence, the ways of experiencing contact with the invisible intelligences are varied. It will depend also on your availability and often of course, what is of you available is not clear to yourself either, because part of your mind may wish something, but you lack the skill to bring that forward.

Initially it is a Kind of Blind Meeting

So for all these reasons do not be discouraged. Initially it has to be a kind of blind meeting but knowing in a certain way that they will come to the appointment; they will be with you because you make yourself available, because you do give them the space, as you are sitting there. There needs to be an element of openness to let them do what they wish to, or imprint in you too but also there has to be alertness on your side of the participation. So, it’s never one way because no great intelligence will ever overwhelm another human being. It’s not allowed, you need to open those doors of your nature and that is the most difficult thing that mediums encounter to open the door of their nature. So it is not the invisible world that is not coming close, but instead it is that confined perception of your identity which is the limitation. So, the less you hold that sense of identity the better it is. The more you forget about who you are the better it is. But to do that it is not a simple exercise it is a matter of tremendous alertness. So that you have forgotten who you are in order to awaken to true alertness, to wakefulness and that was the Great Being’s love. They love that risk, they love the risk that you take forgetting about yourself, they love the risk on which you are burning the identity into the fire of the smallness and reduce that to ashes. With that the true light of your inner being can shine and merge with all the countless potent lights of all the beings out in the universe, all the intelligences, potencies that are here to assist you. That is your destiny anyway.

Forgetting about Yourself is an Active thing not Passive Approach 

Just forgetting about yourself, that is an active thing it’s not a contemplative attitude. It’s not just “thy will be done”, instead it is I will throw myself into the risky dimension; and I will forget myself in doing it, I will be like the moth coming to the flame, I will throw myself into it. So, that is the meaning of the initiation of fire which is very pertinent to your question because of course you reminded us that the very intelligence that connects with you had surrendered his body to fire. He died on a stake. And dying at the stake meant that he did not consider his physical form so essential for his being, and his principle, and his ideas to travel, and for his intelligence to be still fully alive and sustained. And it is in that quality that he is looking for the contact, to be challenging something that says: “I need to retain myself here. “It is simple to say but not easy to do, isn’t it? So, we do understand that it is a step by step. It is simply a little correction that we want to put in the manner that he (Great Being in spirit world) will do everything , not quite , you have to play your part. But we apologise if it’s not clear enough. We can only put it in this way. So, it’s very good to sit in the power, it’s very good to allow that space to be present. But it is called sitting in the power and it’s not called sitting in weakness. It’s called sitting in the power, which means in the knowing of your true nature. Knowing of your true nature means that you completely allow something else which you deeply recognise as the resonance of  truthfulness and if you recognise that the resonance is incorrect you will not open to that. So you see how much of you needs to be there, how much intelligence needs to be provided. Your intelligence is also the spark of your light that will attract those intelligences.

A State of Alertness not a State of Being Dormant

So, there is no need to be concerned but of course it is natural to be slightly concerned:” is it going to overwhelm my mind?” Well, it won’t, but it could overwhelm the mind if you have an idea of extreme passivity in which suddenly something will all be done and you wake up one morning speaking the words of the teacher that is with you. That is not the case. It’s your intelligence that is very much involved. Your power, your energy has to be involved. Your wakefulness has to be involved. So it is a state of alertness not a state of being dormant. But it is a latent potency. Instead you have to be so alert that you are completely relaxed and forgetting yourself. So, don’t think too much about it, just sit and say that I will do my best, I will put all my intention for your communication and I am here available for 20 minutes, 10 minutes, whatever, for whatever comes through. What will be happening for a while will be also that you will experience your fears, you will experience your tension, you will experience the barriers of what is blocking the way. That is quite natural, that is like some form of meditation, you do experience obstacles but then they will be there with you anyway. Spirit will be there pushing the door and trying again and out of some fear you may close the door again and how do you close the door? By thinking! By using a lot of thinking and asking is this happening truly, is it not happening, this is how you are blocking it.

Intelligences that don’t Belong to Your Wavelength (Temperament) need Pushing Back

You see, it needs a gentle touch, a light touch, so you sit in trust. That’s why we say trust is essential. You sit in trust that your higher self, your higher light will know, recognise and identify the rhythm on which to go to and the moment of dropping more and more mind. And then spirit will find the way to guide you in their own unique style. It could be through words but it could be through emotions, through feelings. The contact is not necessarily of one typology and not all have the same purposes. Some of the contacts are unique and personal, others are for the usage for such groupings, others are for the use of other beings, and so and so forth. So, once you are putting yourself in that position of sitting in the power this is correct, but also it is the forgetting of yourself while in full alertness, openness, ready to welcome, welcome. The fear will naturally diminish the more you do it, the more you are awake to what is taking place. Because, of course there all kind of intelligences around and some of them could disturb you because they do not belong to your wavelength and they are needed to be pushed back. So, it’s true that alertness is required it is not a passive act.

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