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New Year Message 2012

March 15, 2012

Dear friends you have stepped into a new year and we are together witnessing the rising of the fresh aspirations and intentions for this new year. It is important of course to consider two things together, the new venture for a new year while at the same time holding that quality of timelessness, that is your true essence and your true nature.  Beautifully the soul is a continuous reminder of that timelessness indeed, it is an intermediary assisting you between the part of your being that lives in that constant presence, and the temporal part of your being, the personality with the pressing conditions that are daily presented to you.

Great Steps of Evolution can be Taken

So there it stands, the evolutionary part of your being, the soul which can observe, embrace and radiate between the timelessness and assist in what is essentially your task at hand, which is this joy of fulfillment of life existence and it is in this manner of looking that you can expand into the new year. We are also aware that this particular year has always been considered an apex point. We wish to remind you, as you are bringing this awareness of a pivotal point in time to the fore, that great steps of evolution can be taken, hundred-folds rather than ten-folds and it could have been even thousand-folds had it not been for some twist and turns of the human family in their agreement or disagreement in how to operate on this planet. There is definitely a vast potential and possibility of further illumination in the understanding of the conditions presented to you in your own evolutionary path and in your own collective path.

Missed Opportunities

Now the collective path has brought you also as an individual to bear responsibility for the human family, which means that you may have a sense of dissatisfaction in yourself regarding where you had expected to be today, and having to perhaps scrutinise very deeply ‘what did I do, what did I not do’. Indeed its not only the fact that you may have chosen something in a manner or another that has not led you where you wanted to be, but it is part of the collective axis of evolution. The human family has taken some turns and has missed some opportunities of evolutionary potential, this has brought you also the personal difficulty that you are encountering at present. A kind of mist has been brought down by the collective element of the human mind. Your own unique mind can abstain from elements of this collective band of existence, especially when you are standing in the highest aspect of your own being. If you stay in the higher aspect of your being you are sheltered from elements of the complexities of the collective mind because you are residing closely to the true nature of your being. But that will not prevent you from experiencing the collective mesmerising aspects of this particular fog, a specific aspect of density that has been accumulated by several missed opportunities of evolutionary potential and this is now part of your collective karma. You can individually retain peace and tranquillity together with presence of essence-being and joy. At the same time collectively if the evolution has not reached the point which you all wished for, you will also be held back personally, because there will be confusion in the structure and the ground in which you move in your daily life. There will be countless pulls and those countless pulls are making decisions and directions  confused and confusing.

Human Mind gets Distorted

Lets say that you were going to apply for a job and you were absolutely sure that this is your job and it’s going to be fulfilling, and it’s going to be well paid and have all the things you want. The person that is coming to interview you has forgotten to read the papers that you sent them, they have been occupied with something else because they’ve been under pressure. They’ve been under pressure because someone above them has created a pressure, because they need to reduce the number of workers and because they need to reduce the number of workers there’s been a lot of concern, worry, anxiety, tension and all this becomes this density, this fog, this mist, this is one way of putting it. So then in your work you are struggling because there is somebody that could not respond to you, but you cannot say that they have not done their best, if you look closely, yes they have not done their best, but they have not done their best because they’ve not been  properly informed, they’ve not been informed because above them people have not acted accordingly because there has been more pressure.

Life is a Dance of Polar Opposites – So Dance into a Place of Equanimity

You see it’s like you live in a kind of pressure cooker where everything is really becoming very dense. On the other hand because there is always help at hand there is a great possibility to free yourself in the moment, to activate a quality of luminosity from your own inner light that says ‘I will not be judging myself according to the response the outer life has presented to me, I’ll not seek for either success or failure, I will not feel defeated nor victorious, because I do not wish to enter that way of judging myself and others’. ‘I will look at life as much as I can as this dance of polar opposites, so that I will in a moment of grace dance into a place of equanimity’ which means that whatever your succeeding or failing there will be a stillness which is imbued with joy of presence, presence of your own inner life, not presence of success of failure. That is where really the human nature was brought to be and that is where the human nature has not been able yet to encounter fully in totality this element.

You Have Been Waiting Countless Eons

Yes of course you came here because you have responded to the calling of your own inner light, you have responded to that, but we are also trying to explain to you how some of the responses you are getting from your daily life appear to be so contradictory, appear to be so unappealing to the image you had correctly intuited of where you would be. But where you would be is where you place yourself in the outer life and this is being limited because of where the mind of beings is and elements of greed and lack of luminosity, what is called the confusion, the mist, the darkness even. Now what is happening to you as planetary beings facing the galactic centre of the Milky Way constellation is that you are particularly helped by planetary influences of a very high level of a very subtle level that you’ve been waiting for for countless eons and when we say you, we mean the souls have been waiting for those times.

Potential for Illumining the Denser Aspects of Your Being

The soul is this beautiful mediator between the many levels of your being and deals with your evolution. The soul has been waiting for this time, because for the highest part there is no time and there is nothing to be waited for, but there is always this potential for illumining the denser aspects. It is also a year of tremendous relevance for the challenges upon illumining those dark corners of your own life as well as the corners of everything that is happening in the collective element, in the nation. So there is tremendous potential because there is this tremendous outpouring of light fulfillment. Although remember fulfillment on the outer level it is limited by your own boundaries as a family of human beings. It is your personal responsibility, the twists and turns that were not taken, the part that prevails for self aggrandisement, the part that prevails for aspects of the being that are rather involutionary rather than evolutionary. We know that you are here because your evolutionary movement is so potent is so active so lively, it’s so pulsating with a tremendous desire to serve, to work and to see and to witness the celebration of the fullness of life for all of the human beings.

A Battleground

Even if you say I’m ready to leave the human family anytime, but that capacity to leave in a natural very spontaneous manner has to be not out of despising, but out of loving and then that can really free you, you cannot be free if you are still despising elements either of yourself or the human family. You can make choices and say ‘I distinguish, I separate myself from those positions, from those negative attitudes, from those ways of being’ this is where your freedom lies, to say no to a lot of attitudes and movements that are also impinging upon the mind and the heart of the human family. So indeed, if we put it this way, then you are also aware that you are in a kind of battle ground, isn’t it, that you are not yet let off the hook to fly off on your own individual planet dear friend I’m afraid, and singing with angels playing harps. You are still human beings, I’m afraid, asked to be here and to be in a  battlefield or war, which is not done with weapons that limit the human potential, but with weapons that illumine the possibility to take the true opportunity of evolution, rather than always standing on the brink of involution which is a potency also. The involution powers are there playing their part, ready we have to say, to gobble up all the energy possible to really take what they can. Is this a judgement about them, no, they are playing their part, like you are with personality acting in the dualistic reality. There are energies that are involved in taking away from the luminosity in order to become very static very stagnant in a kind of self fulfilling stagnation. That is indeed a kind of self limiting aspect, so you can also observe in others and yourself the part that you do not like so much, noticing ‘how am I self limiting and how am I not moving into freedom, how am I not seeing the space on which my heart can sing’ and indeed it is a battlefield because you may find your daily life, your daily routine full of demands and full of frustration, full of aspects that are still puzzling you. There are two reasons for that, one is that from the evolutionary force it’s demanded, it’s asked to assist that evolution by giving and emanating and impinging and filling with as much light as you can all the possible, so called, obscure corners  of existence.  On the other hand it is not to consider so relevant just one human incarnation, so that you can take more favourably the lack  of what was going to take place and not feel completely discouraged, because, as we said, the collective fog has its own influence on the individual. In order to spiritualise all the denser elements of the planet you need to move to the level beyond mind and beyond time otherwise you are still under that limiting order of things which have been put in place. So this is to give you the framework for your questions so that you know where we’re coming from, it was perhaps a little bit long but it was needed.


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