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Transition to 2012

March 15, 2012

Transition to 2012

As you are looking at the evolution of the planetary being called the Mother Earth, you’re also looking at your own collective evolution – the human family, the animal beings, the nature beings, all the elementals, the subtle beings that are around the corona of the Mother Earth. In addition those ones you don’t see and yet they exist and all the beings that inhabit your body as well, from the minutest cell to the subtler being that connects through you through all the veins and nerves and nadies and all the levels of existence.

Mother Earth is Evolving into the Being that She herself agreed to Evolve into.

Now when you are talking of all that, you are talking of an evolutionary process and as you investigate your evolution so Mother Earth is also evolving into the being that she herself agreed to evolve into. You are all interconnected and linked. Planets are linked to other planets, constellations to constellations, universes to universes, human beings to human beings. Clusters of existences mature together and gather together with different levels of expansion, different levels of existence and different systems of existence. The evolution of your planet and your planetary existence is happening simultaneously, something that was considered in ancient times as a matter of fact. The self-absorption of the human family now has become so intense that human beings consider to walk on Mother Earth as if they were entitled to, as if they were the owners of the world itself. Of course this is a level of profound and deep ignorance and a lack of understanding of the true connection between all beings concerning this planetary existence.

Anything that is a Hindrance to the Earth’s Evolution can be Ejected or Reduced.

You are responsible for the conditions that you have built on the planet as you evolved. You’re also responsible for the precipitation of conditions that at times opens an acceleration of evolution of you and Mother Earth. Sometimes though you are separating yourself from the evolution of the Mother Being in which case the Mother Being will carry on her own evolution in her own way. When Mother Earth understands with the assistance of guardians or other beings around her that the human beings and other presences are becoming a hindrance to Mother Earth’s evolution then you are ejected or reduced shall we say from the planetary existence.

It all Depends How Much you will Rely on the Higher Level of your Mental Being.

You may view this negatively but this experience of life on earth is quite profound and maybe difficult to take in. However, in evolutionary terms, you as a species will come to understand better what it is that cohesiveness of existing as a being on a planet which is another being that is assisting you to evolve. There are specific times of evolution and this year called 2012, is one of those times when you are more potently becoming aware of the possibility of linking more deeply to the evolutionary path, your own personal one and the one of the Mother Earth. Regrettably there is the potential to go the other way and create a  further disturbance. You see because you are very operative at the mental level, it all depends on how much you will rely on the higher level of your mental being and how much you rely on the lower aspects of your mental being.

So that this will be a Collaboration and Not a Conflagration

The difference here is to do with the lower aspect of mind that experiences separation, differentiation and distinction and views everything as rather inert, meaningless and lifeless. If you can unite the spiritual being that you are with the higher emotional being that you are, with the higher mental being that you are then this can be reflected and completely adapted to the truth that Mother Earth is a being in her own right. This will then be a collaboration and not a conflagration or an impact of differences in perception and understanding. So that means that the Mother Earth is evolving and she knows and is truly taking part in her evolution. Are you collaborating or not? Of course you have to take also the great devas and the great beings that are part and living aspects of this planet Earth. You have to become more skillful in working with them so that the nature being can feel respected, can feel part of the play of life existence and not be put under your servant hood which actually is not in your long term interest. But indeed there is an element still in the human nature that seems to enslave, not only parts of your own being but enslave parts of other beings that were entitled to their own freedom. Some of those beings are rather free, much freer than you imagine, and they can cause disruption. A lot of the elemental aspects of nature are as free as they wish and although you can create some limitation, impose an element of disharmony, but indeed they are claiming that Mother Earth is theirs as much as yours. So unless you come to some agreement with the great devas and elementals you are producing a good amount of disruption.

‘Collaboration’ is the Word for all Beings that Exist in this Solar System.

Now there is nothing dramatic about 2012. It’s an opportunity for a descent of a transformative energy, like a grid of great light which can hold all those contradictions and bring them to maturity. That maturity is produced by your capacity, to really stand and be counted, to be really capable to hold that balance that is required.

But yes, there are times that were recognised by the ancient human beings like a calendar that came to completion or periods where the stars influence the changes on the poles, the moon or other aspects. All this interrelation and correlation of relationships between planetary beings has affected the earth as much as it affects you. These changes are being predicted as opening, beginning, closure and terminations of ways of existence and modalities. 2012 is another opportunity of openness to understand that ‘collaboration’ is the word for all beings that exist in this solar system.

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