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Embracing Vulnerability

March 15, 2012

old_red_roseQuestion “My religious order is declining due to the age of the members & the lack of new members. How can I embrace vulnerability & limitation in a way that is positive & spiritual?”

Munjiji: Whatever you are doing dear friend we are told by those ones that are your loved ones, those ones close to your heart, that you are moving with the right intention. We are told that it is your heart that counts and not always the choices and the actions you take can resonate with the quality of the heart. As that heart becomes more and more refined in the understanding that nothing is perfect in this physical form, it is the offering of that imperfection that brings you reassurance. The offering of that love for the human family and for the highest, for the Beloved of your heart, for the Source of Existence, will bring joy to your Master. The joy actually arises from that limitation, out of that sense of not knowing how to combine different people’s opinions but again and again just the offering of that provides the link with your Teacher.

Simplicity of Intention in a More and More Complex World

The great Master said again and again just be like a child and you will see Me. Again and again we apologise for using incorrectly His words, we are not of the same lineage, but we do understand those beautiful words: being like a child as aging approaches and comes close, it is called simplicity of intention. Instead simply witness and really be distant from the complexity. You are already doing your best and this is where the heart gets warmer and more open. The  vulnerability is there as the ageing process unfolds and brings new horizons, brings the reassurance of dedication, of contemplation, of prayer and that prayer is in the midst of everything. You have it , you have it in your hands, you have it in your head, you have it in your heart. Prayer is everything you do. You have become that prayer and so with that reassurance offer your daily tasks and also those of everybody else around you. You are busy because your Master wishes you to attend to things which needed to be followed. You are that prayer again and again, the inner singing communicating to your beloved One from the heart to the heart.

May the Heart be Made More and More Sacred

You are making fresh rosaries of your day. See them as made of a more and more precious substance, and that substance it is the life force that you and your sisters have put in all these years so that it is enriching the crown of your glorious Master. So indeed you are attending in simplicity but be like little children in everything that comes your way, do not hold complexity as valued. Although things need to be attended to with precision you will do your best we know that. All those things need to be solved sometimes quickly and when there is not the stamina, the clarity, then come back to ask for that simplicity and if agreement and disagreement enter into the mind of beings, let it be as it is, just do not participate. Holding still, that is another simple virtue that you can carry so naturally that sometimes it gets forgotten. Holding still in mind, holding still in body, you are attending to your beautiful rosary and one day it will mature in such a fullness that will take you closer and closer to your Beloved One. All right, does that answer in any way?

Somebody is bringing you here a rose – someone from the invisible that was dear to you is offering you a beautiful rose, really of the rose colour. And she thanks you very much for your work. Thank you for her presence. There is such tenderness in the atmosphere just now dear friend can we just stop a minute and be quiet together before the next question. Just that tenderness it’s here. May the heart be triumphant always. May the heart be made more and more sacred.

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