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Illness – a perspective

March 16, 2012

There is not always a direct line between cause and effect. There are a number of causes and conditions that coalesce to produce a result. The illness is not necessarily the result but merely an offshoot of something that is maturing along the bigger and wider way. The way of illness is a chosen way for countless beings on the planet Earth to evolve. It is perhaps foolish to look at it in this way if you have not first understood the laws of the soul. The soul has seen from the beginning the journey and also the obstacles, although as we have said before, it has not always seen all in perfect detail. It has perhaps chosen to accept certain difficulties such as a serious illness that will produce the persistency and the capacity to establish an internal point of reference that remains solid.This is often a request that the soul has made in advance. The questioner has said there is no bitterness but instead a consideration and reflection and this reflecting is brought by their soul that has chosen a difficult way, the way of purifying.

The Soul Before Incarnation may Chose Illness to Assist Spiritual Evolution

It is said in your age that nobody needs to be ill to such an extent and that everybody is entitled to a fullness of life and fullness of existence for a certain number of years. But this has not yet been achieved by the human life. It is still subject to so many disturbances and production of elements that are still reducing the lifespan of some individuals from what is quite a long average lifespan to a much shorter one. All those elements are playing their part and the soul before incarnation knows that some of those difficulties will come along the way so the soul does choose the elements most appropriate to encourage evolution when there has been no other way of evolving. This is not a matter of choice as we have explained, sometimes the physical karma has to be overcome in the physical body. But it is not just because of physical karma in physical body, but because there is a deepening and evolution of the soul level, the mental level, the emotional level that the soul has required and has chosen a very direct way to achieve this.

Terrible Disturbance Nevertheless in the Eyes of the Soul is Seen as a Transformative Aspect

The way of illness is tortuous in a manner and very direct in another because all the parts of the body and mind and emotions are involved. It is often an attempt of the  soul to govern over these bodies, the mental body the emotional body and of course the physical body. When there is a breaking down of some of the chemistry of the physical form there could be a real strengthening of the spiritual body, there could be a deepening of the emotional body and opening of the mental body. So what is seen as a terrible disturbance nevertheless in the eyes of the soul is seen as a transformative aspect. Regarding the life force there is a reduction, there is a diminishing and that was agreed before incarnation. As we said before it was not clearly defined the detail of it all, but the occurrence and the events are there. So there is no need to look at this in the short term as most people do and looking at it like ‘what did I do yesterday to get this result today?’ It is not often traceable to the one point in one life. The one point in one life is maybe a final point of accumulation of elements that will produce what is called an illness. There is not just one element there are many elements and they come to the surface as there is time to contemplate and reflect and deepen and each is an individual case.

A function that is maturing the individual

We always remind you not to see it as a punishment or a form of karmic retribution but indeed as something which is taking place that holds a function that is maturing the individual. We can almost hear the questioner saying this could have taken place differently. Of course things can be approached in a variety of ways but as we said the human being has chosen that way, they do not just succumb to those difficulties, there has been a choice from the soul level before incarnation to come to some fruition through the physical form by going through some serious illness. We are not minimising the suffering or the element of uncertainty and fear that this produces but we are here to point to what is being truly shown.

Action Plan for Coping and Creating Meaning

Whatever you wish to attend to that has not been attended to this is the opportunity to attend. Whatever feels unfinished or incomplete, aspirationally dissatisfying you can put your mind or intention upon it. What are the things that you would like to change and can change? What are things in your life that you want to give more reflection & attention to and especially the things that cannot be changed. How to work naturally with the heart and with the mind towards those things that cannot be changed so that this takes you in a contemplative manner and direction. Walking in nature or taking some quiet time on your own is beneficial.  Actually all this should be a consideration of most human beings at a certain time in their life.

A Gradual Growing of a Sense of Direction

So whatever is lived can be lived in fullness of presence. Whatever it is through your heart feeling or your mind and actions. If you feel tired and depleted then you can do more of the internal work if. If you have energy in the body and wish to do things & engage with others & share & give all this is welcome to reduce the sense of confusion. Underneath that sense of confusion there will be a gradual growing of a sense of direction and this will rise and hold more steadily the ground of who you truly are. Illnesses are there to reveal who you truly are behind the skin and behind the surface of things behind the distracting perceptions that are initial superficial perceptions but they need deepening and deepening before touching the deeper layer of who you truly are. So that is the journey, that journey to embrace yourself and with it the power of the divine in you and around you and all over the existence of life. This is the direction if we can put it in a simple manner. If you look this way there is plenty to do that you can do and not what you can’t do.


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