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Creating your future

March 16, 2012




What is more our concern is not describing the future but encouraging you how to look at the present moment so that your future is what you make it. To make it more a manifestation of your light, your soul, your essence, your dimension and less the looking at the old fears, the old memories, the old impulses that do not require anymore sustenance.

Sustaining your own natural qualities – that is the direction. So when you sustain your natural qualities, the qualities in yourself that you love, the qualities in yourself that you feel has movement, has clarity, has direction then confidence gathers. And in that confidence is a natural flower, it’s not a flower of arrogance it is a flower of lasting perfume and when the flower unfolds from the appreciation of your own directions, that scent calls, calls naturally another scent and another flower will respond. So that is always so tender the movement of human beings, so delicate and so fragile but to appreciate it in its richness. It’s important to look at it from the soul, from your light, because if you are looking from your light, (naturally so because you are in time, you are in your personality and in your own thoughts) if you don’t rise above it and look from your inner light, it gets rather complicated and rather disheartening. This is what we can say, this is what Munjiji can offer, nothing more.

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