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Out of Body Experiences – the Truth

March 16, 2012

I imagine you want the truth, well out of body experience is not often as pleasant as it seems. Why?  Because it was devised for very specific purposes and you have to be a very good navigator indeed. It was devised for very specific magical work, which meant that those who left the body where doing it very consciously and it was done because they were protecting areas of inner being that required attention. They were engaging some times in a particular battling which goes into an area which we could talk the whole night about, but we are not going to of course. So really all out of body experience was linked to warriorship, you had to be a warrior to do that.

Nowadays it is presented differently, with apparently different purposes to the one mentioned, but it is not that different once you are out there, you have to know who you meet, and what is taking place and you need to have been trained skillfully.

In the ancient time you would have been initiated in such a manner that you were then ready like a warrior to go out there, not only to enjoy the freedom which is what is mostly described nowadays, the beauty of the freedom of being out of your body and how wonderful it is, of course, but that is just child’s play. Being out of the body was and it still is a very serious work. You go out of the body every night but you do it naturally through the dreaming vehicle. It exactly pertains to your individual makeup, you all dream accordingly meaning you are making substance through dreaming and encountering substances through dreaming exactly as you need. When you chose consciously your out of body experience you are following a path that is different.  It is a route where people go for certain purposes so you are in unknown territory and you need to navigate your own vehicle carefully.  Many people go out and have exhilarating experiences, but also others go out and have not so good experiences. This is because as you are slightly more concrete than you are on a dream level, the skillfulness is not there to operate and if your inner eye is not open, you’re not really seeing or understanding what is coming your way or where it is that you are going. So all this becomes a matter of introduction to true dreaming, introduction to outer traveling. If it is not maintained at a level of high quality by all the instructors, where they truly understand why they’re doing it and what they are doing, it could become quite foolish honestly. We have to say this, not because we wish to in any way disturb any of you, but because you need to know the truth. If you want to walk on a path on which warriorship is required, you need to find that quality in you first, or be tested for it and you need to have a similar instructor that can understand that. Many people can show you how to go out of the body, but nobody can help you out there unless they are skilled to come and help you and save you when you are in deep trouble. So this is important because people don’t speak about that.

This is an ancient art used only to do a certain work in the night which belonged to a specific grade of evolution, not just done by all and sundry.  Of course there is a level where you can happily float in your bedroom and enjoy. You may want to linger and wander outside and all these levels can be still friendly, but they require wisdom always because you are entering a more potent and volatile vibration and that’s why it’s a little bit disturbing. The natural route is the dreaming, the other one requires constancy of pressure, so of course the person that uses it for a year and does it well will achieve it. Regarding instructors then you have to look at the overall result in their life, if that was really worth while, has it brought more wisdom and balance in their existence, has that fired the inner sense of their soul to accomplish and master what they need to, maybe they are warriors and they need to reappear in that manner, or is that experience mostly for something pleasant to have and to show to others?  In a way it’s a very personal experience that only they can judge, but you can look at the results also regarding how it has affected the person and where they are at.

There is an initial stage of elation which is beautiful because it gives you much more a sense of who you truly are, that you are this vast being, that you are this being that can really open in fullness to space, to life, but you see life is full of countless beings, that space is full of countless energies and to be like a child for a while is fine, but then you really need more mastery and you need skillful people to take you along because the path becomes more arduous and was not made that way just by chance.  So with that, you can then decide and we don’t want to in any way discourage you but we need to give a perspective  of  what the whole activity is really about. This is a good example of what has come down again from fragmentation of the ancient wisdom. There are many things that you do nowadays that are a kind of a left over, you only do a little bit of it without understanding what was at the base of it all. So you will be floating there not knowing what on earth are you doing and why you are doing it. If something then comes to you that is of a difficult nature, you will quickly feel that it wasn’t a brilliant idea after all to do this, you may feel: “I should have been instructed more in depth and better about the subtle meaning of what this is all about” So that’s why we’re saying it, but there are always teachers available somewhere on the inner plane of consciousness to help you on these planes and assist you if you have the intention to do that.

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