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Prediction of Illness

March 16, 2012

The questioner had been told by a “psychic” that she would develop cancer in the future. She harboured this information  for many years before asking Munjiji.

You need to drop this because it is just creating a little cloud. You need to look towards the sun that is still shining for you. You do not need to hold this information as the truth because it is obsolete. You need to bypass the whole thing and think this is not useful, nothing of that has come true and there is no need for me to carry such a thought. As such a time has passed either it was something that was passing aurically and belonged to somebody around her (the psychic) or it was wrongly read. It was not useful to carry the information beyond a few months because that is not meant to convey something that is going to happen in say 15 years time. All kinds of things can happen and as you know things are continuously changing. And if it had been a warning it would have appeared quite soon. It is a prediction that does not hold any substance.

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