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Limitations caused by Pain

March 18, 2012

Physical pain involves several parts of the human being not just the affected area. The emotions are also involved with physical pain. It is important not to consider pain as a kind of retribution. There are different levels of learning in life. Unfortunately one of these ways is through physical suffering and limitation. We understand that physical pain is limiting and creates mental and emotional stress as well as confusion and despair.

Underneath a Limitation lies a Small Jewel – the Possibility of a Fresher Freedom

As we said this should not be seen as a kind of retribution but instead  look your evolutionary path  because the learning takes place at the limitation imposed by the restriction that is being encountered. The pain that is limiting an area of being is potentially freeing other areas to move more freely. This physical limitation is indicating another area where freedom can arise. It is very bewildering that the machinery that seems to bring so much creativity is actually being used to suggest a freedom somewhere else. It is quite difficult to see this. So you have to look at this all over again from a different perspective and that’s not easy because the mind gets used to functioning with certain tools. To reorganise your existence without these tools seems like a loss. Underneath what seems like a limitation lies a small jewel, a possibility of a fresher freedom.

Life is Pointing in Another Direction

To find this fresher freedom you have to dig into yourself. Life is saying not this way my friend not this direction. Of course you may wonder how can I go on without being able to use this machine that is essential for my work. Plus my work is essential for my sustenance so on and so forth. The reality is that life is pointing in another direction. Of course this initially can be discouraging, confusing and infuriating in fact all the range of emotions. The true meaning is gradually to rely on something inwardly more attractive to you, something that can sustain you.

There is an invite from life to look at it from a fresher perspective. The purpose and meaning of such an event is to look for the jewel within it. So there has to be a different orientation. It’s like saying “I cannot do this so what is it that I can do? I cannot look in this direction what direction should I look in?” This has not come as a punishment  because you’ve done this or that wrong. It comes to invite you to look in a fresher manner at things.

It is also inviting friends to support you it is inviting the environment around to provide you with assistance and courage which you may not have received had you not experienced this physical limitation.

People have to work with what is in front of them and the deepening comes as a result of what they are experiencing. The jewel can be found in the stamina or the willingness to look at things in a fresh way. In physical life there are these experiences and they are simply part of the spectrum of life. This is a planet of learning and through the physical suffering a lot of transformation can take place if the individual can attempt to look at the other side of that suffering and transform it.  This enables a person to become more radiant and less downcast and discouraged. People have managed to achieve this.

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