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Listening to Your ‘Heart’

March 21, 2012


We come together to listen together to the rhythm of your hearts. We from the invisible, do not have a physical heart and yet we could say that we have a heart of resonance, a heart that responds to all friends. We have a heart that works in resonance with those that are called to work together. It is also  important for you to listen again and again to your unique and specific vibration. When you begin to listen to your heart and not so much following the demands of the mind, you enter a sacred space. Your own unique sacred space which does not require special rules or special rituals. It simply requires the kindness and patience of your mind to step backwards and of your heart to step forward. The quality and rhythm of your heart can gradually give form to your personality. It is indeed sometimes slightly disappointing for you to witness that some of what you had hoped from yourself, has been overruled by your mind. The lower mind has somehow rushed ahead, made a lot of plans and organised many things and somehow your heart has been left behind. The one who truly knows, has been made almost silent. Of course it is not silent, it is continuously repeating its own rhythm, its own melody. It holds the power of unifying all the different aspects of your personality. Yes indeed, the heart is your closest friend. The heart is a continuous reminder of your perfection, your fullness, your richness and the capacity to include more, to embrace more and to understand more. It assists you to rise to the inner core of your being where everything joins together. Suddenly when the heart is connected (of course sometimes we call heart, soul and sometimes we call soul, heart.) but in this instance heart is something closer to yourself it does not require the effort of sensitivity that sometimes soul-heart requires, which is a part slightly more veiled from your being.

There is a Difference between the Physical Heart and The Deepest Heart

You have no barriers but yourself. Your heart is vibrating in every pulsing of your veins, in the flowing of your blood and it is the outer heart and the inner heart together. Yes, there is a difference between the physical heart and the deepest heart, but the resonance is so closely linked that it is the easiest way for human beings to connect to the depth of themselves by starting with the physical heart in order to connect to whom they truly are, to connect to the joy of incarnation, to understand the secrets of life.  The heart produces also a great synthesis so that when the lower mind, which assists you beautifully on your daily living, gives room for further intuitive creative capacity from the higher mind there is the encounter between heart and higher mind which produces higher and higher levels of understanding and of being.You can also rise to a level which is above the higher mind and you can expand into the consciousness of those beings which sometimes have been called the cosmic beings, different realms of consciousness which at present you cannot immediately attune to.

You Are a Living Presence

But there has to be that duality and there has to be that kind of separation for you to realise. So in this way you encounter all those different levels of being from the beginning of your existence.  You encounter so many levels of beings when you take a physical form. You encounter all the physical forms that are specific to this planet. You are a living presence which carries the mineral kingdom, the vegetable kingdom, the animal kingdom, the human kingdom and above and on and on and that is a continuous relationship and that is why your heart embraces it all, as your soul is continuously invited to move further, to expand and search and your search is perfect as it is. Do not think that perhaps you are doing something so radically different that you will not be able to recognise yourself. Somehow that complete resonance of heart happens in simplicity, happens in the mundane activity. Its conquests are not in the moments only of your most ecstatic resonance, you all need that, you are all fed by that. You are fed through ecstatic experience not only through one life but through countless lives. This nourishes the levels of your being that are very rarified indeed.  But in the movement of the heart, the secret is to be present and constant within your mundane activities.

The Alchemy of the Heart

It will reveal to you the alchemy of the heart. The capacity to transform whatever comes your way, the capacity to illumine whatever comes your way in the manner of the ancient alchemist. You are looking at your difficulties, you are looking at where you are in the world, you are looking at where you are struggling with work, friends, relationships, the world at large, the collective, your family history, your past, your present, your future.  Isn’t that beautiful? There is also a struggle about the future. People do not only struggle about what they know, but they also worry about what is to come.  But indeed if you could see more clearly with the eye of the heart, with the eye of the inner being, you will see that a lot of that struggle is not required, because you are equipped with the full richness of manoeuvring and participating and engaging and re-structuring and modifying everything. This will bring you to fullness through the capacity to activate your heart at a level that will become the sustainer of your vision, the sustainer of what is the highest in yourself, the sustainer of what is developing in you. Through this very simple mundane activity, which you call mundane because you are not transcending this level, and yet there is such a yearning isn’t it, in some of the more mystical hearts of the friends here present, they wish to transcend and go beyond, but indeed this was accomplished in some past incarnations, but this is an important incarnation where you are all working closely shoulder to shoulder with one another.

Glimpse the Light in Everything

You are not living in caves anymore, you are really living close to one another. Some places are so crowded that you physically really live in a very inconvenient manner, but it is all due to an explosion in the number of human bodies and it is not just by chance. It is all born from the need for a deeper understanding of the collective forces, and the true expression of that one family which is called the human family. This collective effort is now not in transcending the human reality, but it is in glimpsing and really completely immersing yourself in whatever is the task ahead, however mundane, that task that you didn’t particularly want to do. You allow the quality of the heart to put you into a resonance into a rhythm where you will glimpse the light in everything, every action you take, every conversation that you have, friends, enemy, the distinction will not be relevant. That does not mean that you will not feel, at the level of the personality, what you like, what you dislike, what you find important or not, but you will have through the rhythm of the heart the capacity to expand and include it all in such a natural manner that your daily living will become the purest and simplest worship. The mystic heart of all (and everybody has a mystic heart) is continuously worshiping the multifaceted existence and worshiping the highest lights that you are. Everything surrounding you is part of it and is completely part of that oneness. Mother Earth is feeling smaller to you via all the different means of communication and this is not by chance. Life itself is asking you to widen your perception and hold your heart in such a space, in such a dimension that no difference will arise between peeling potatoes, or looking into the clouds or the discovery of a very special molecular structure that has not been revealed until now. You see it is all in the range of possibilities and of course you never do a disservice to yourselves when you pay attention to your heart, but when you do not pay attention and go out of the rhythm of the heart quality, everything gradually becomes meaningless.

The Richness of Your Potential

Each one of you has a heart rhythm which is unique and a melody which is unique and when we say attune again and again to that then everything  becomes perfect as it is. But then you will say, but how will I go about this because it is not easy. Well, it is a question of breathing into it and reaching that point of stillness, which sometimes people call awareness, by holding with great kindness and benevolence all your thoughts and feelings of whom you truly are in the mist of confusion to take a minute thinking this heart of mine is calling me.  I need to pay attention because I am now lost in the midst of the very things I am attending to, so let me step back internally into heart and everything will come into balance again.  And of course if you are feeling still a little bit lost, ask for help through your guides, your helpers, your assistants, your masters, those that inspire you.  Those beings are there to bring harmony. They do continuously resonate with the rhythm of your heart.  We come on the call of your own heart rhythm. We come on the beauty of your soul, we are drawn and attracted magnetically by the richness of your potential and capacity and so again and again we are never away from you. We are so close.  Some traditions say as close as your breath, other traditions say we are as close as your very neck vein.

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