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Living in Duality

March 31, 2012

Welcome friends to this evening together.  Welcome with all the difficulties that perhaps the week has brought you or the past month has brought you or indeed your past life has brought you. You’re still here enduring all these aspects because you do know that your true face is full of joy, that there is something underneath all this turmoil. You truly are a resilient representative not only of the human family, but also of the universal family and indeed we say even of the cosmic family, those inhabitants of a space that is beyond space. You are the inhabitants of space and reality which is planetary at the same time that you are the inhabitants of a space which is called cosmic which includes not only the visible world but all the invisible worlds. Every day you wake into your familiar perception of who you are influenced of course because you do inhabit physical form. Other aspects of yourself would be happier to leave it all together and be done with it, especially when there are some confusing elements which are causing some distancing from who you truly are, the truth of who you are.  At the depth of your soul level there is a part that  knows its’ truth always, it understands that you are limited in this appearance of physical form.  As a manifested being you are already touching the level of limitation. However as an un-manifested being you do exist and you do to persist in existence beyond appearances, beyond what ever you can define as appearances, whatever you can define as this is me, in this moment, with this body, which is equipped with legs, arms and eyes. Have you reflected on why you are equipped this way?

Out of Duality You are Working Towards Integration

It was not just because it was convenient for the physical life that you are equipped this way, it has its own intentions at the subtle level. This duality of which you are partaking is visible on some of the elements of your body such as the arms as well as the singularity of other elements such as your spine.  Just simply observing how this physical form has taken place and it came out of  your intent and when we say your intent we imply it to the extent of spirits essence and soul as these are gradients of your own totality. These gradients became more and more defined and at the level of the physical form they became necessary for the requirement of the experience that you are calling duality. It is as if your right ear hears differently from your left ear. It is as if you’re right eye sees differently from your left eye. If you notice you do often operate in contradiction and there is also a continuously operating level of subdivision that will put you into a conflict. This is also due to the fact that out of this duality you are working towards integration towards your own solution for that oneness of experience.

You Are Moving Towards Totality as You Came from that Totality

So if we use something rather simple, you have two nostrils, but one nose, it could be that each nostril is smelling a different scent coming from different directions and different levels. At the same time, your own sense of gathering the information together creates a dimension for absorbing and integrating in one form, in one expression that subtlety and variety of experiences, whatever you identify them as a variety of smells or one type of smell which you define as different typologies. So this is a tendency in all aspects of the physical, material experience. We are using this mundane example to convey to you that you are the whole of your physical and mental and emotional being that is converging towards assimilation, and in order to make substantial something that is unified in your own field out of the multiplicity of experience. You are looking for that unifying element in yourself and for the unifying element that will link you to all the other elements in the universe. So you are moving towards totality, as you came from that totality. You are operating in a continuous level of duality and variety of subdivisions of that duality, so that you enter multiplicity and you are experiencing the whole of life as tremendous contradictions because that multiplicity always takes you by surprise. Often you are pulled in one direction and then you act in completely the opposite one. This is why you need your internal light and compass to help you deal with these myriad of possibilities. You are continuously working at assimilation and absorption into that one reality of your manifested being. So that as you came from totality, you have also projected yourself into what is called the manifested world, and you are traversing the manifested world which requires time and space.

Only Expansion of Consciousness will Allow You that Perception

As you become more proficient in time and space, you recognise there are variations in what you identify and in what you perceive in the one time and one space in which you inhabit. You are becoming more proficient in understanding the different levels in which you can inhabit your being. Yes the physical form is still constantly inhabited in a certain format of existence, but you are moving much more freely into different realms into different perceptions than ever before in this particular evolutionary period. Before there were periods where the human being was much freer, when in a sense part of their skull was not so fixed so concentrated. The flexibility of skull was allowing a total perception of the subtle world of existence and much wider perception of the sense of time and the different wavelengths of what was called space until it would not be any more what is called material space. Tangible space became intangible space similar to your sense of space as you cannot touch it, although you can move within what is a tangible atmosphere of space. There are other realms in which space does not have that type of definition and you are then expanding consciousness in order to perceive it and only the expansion of consciousness will allow you that perception.

Relate Rather than Identify with Your Physical Presence

Coming back to what is your daily experience it is grounded in what is called duality, working towards  assimilation, integration, transformation and evolution. That is where your overall focus of existence lies. Within all these aspects there is your particular life history unfolding, sometimes it is a comedy, sometimes it is drama and other times it is a neutral play. It can turn into something much more flexible than your general perception of yourself. Why? If you consider your physical body you have to consider that you’re touching something that is apparently rather solid. Your skull has a certain density. Bones are of a certain density. Your whole form that contains your organs has a wavelength of density. All this brings you to a continual relationship with this level of density. Remember it is not necessarily the identification with this level, but it is the relation to it which becomes identification for the most part of human beings, but this is not so necessary. You do not need to neglect that relation, it is simply a relating that you have to your physical presence. The more you relate, rather than identify, the less you will be under the kind of threat that is threatening what  is the parable of existence, of the physical form which has continuous successive transformations until it comes to dissolution, but not total destruction as you we re-enter into a different level in the play of the manifested world.

The More You Experience and Widen Your Horizon the Less You will Identify with the Body

So remember when you consider yourself in relation to your physical body, as well as all the other forms of existence in the planet and beyond the planet you begin to open the door to what is called the cosmic being that you are. You begin to open the door to the vast spaces, the vast levels that are liberating you more substantially for what you truly are, and they are continuously opening and it is a discovery that simply unfolds from what is already imprinted in yourself. It’s as if all the information of the totality of the being that you are is in your so-called DNA. The more you experience and enlarge, widen your ‘horizon’, the less you will identify with the body, but you will relate to it fully as you are assisting that level of existence to also be transformed. You are also moving freely through that level of being and that level of presence that will make you a cosmic citizen.

This is how we can begin to answer the question you have about where the Munjiji team inhabit. A simple way of putting it is we ‘re not limited by a physical perception although we can adopt it if required. You have an appearance of physical form, but it is temporary. Of course at our level, what we have in our team, we have absorbed the understanding and freed ourselves from that blending with the physical form, so that it does not becomes our limitation, nor is it any more limiting our space. Our space has different characteristics from yours, it still retains some form of presence, otherwise there would not be this communication. This is a commitment we have taken to assist those who visit this circle and you yourself have taken, to explore this area of presence-being that belongs to your physical existence, it belongs to the planet and belongs to the evolutionary aspect of where the planet Earth, the solar system and the cosmic being itself, which is one being, it is journeying towards.

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