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Emerging from Winter

March 26, 2012

Welcome  to the movement of seasons, to the movement of Mother Earth, to the dancing of your own heart together with the rhythm of the Mother. You are establishing day by day continuous patterns.They can be like a dance of a joyous nature, or of a different nature, whatever is your rhythm you are imprinting Mother Earth and the atmosphere surrounding her. These imprints carry  your intent, your aspirations, even those ones hidden to yourself. As you connect more and more with the awakening in this particular season of all the aspects of mother, you are also connecting with awakening  of all the aspects of yourself that have been lying dormant through a so-called winter, because human beings also are following the rhythm of nature.

You Repeat the Cycle of Opening to the Inner and Outer Light

Sometimes the winter is an opportunity to put things to rest or of suspending decisions or waiting for an opening. Now with the change of season, the rising of the life force in mother nature, in all the different kingdoms, the mineral, animal and vegetable parts of herself of which you too are a part. As the winter leaves spring also brings you some hard questions, some deepening considerations and reflections on how you use your heart, your mind, your way of moving, being, writing, whatever is the natural expression of who you are. All that creativity is now once more arising from you as you are allowing more flow in this season. If you are able to dance with the mother, to listen to a new rhythm, you can allow this new rhythm to mature into what will be a full flower.

Burn the Dross, Remove Old Obstacles

So it is relevant to notice this change of tempo, you are like those new shoots breaking the cold ground of the earth and opening to the sun. Once more you repeat the cycle of opening to the inner and outer light once more another door is open, another opportunity, once more you are looking into areas where perhaps you have not wished to look into. You are given once more the opportunity to burn all the dross and to remove old obstacles.

Potential for New Unfoldment

Mother Earth is here to help you, the planetary system wants to help you and all the stars assist you in their rhythm, in their harmony to unfold exactly what belongs to your true existence and nature for all the parts that you consider relevant. It could be that you need to clear something emotionally or perhaps you need to forget something emotionally. It could be that you need to really get down to work on that project  which your mind perhaps could not quite apply itself for months and now the opportunity is here. It could be a change or the beginning of a change. This is the season when you can begin to see where you are going and that means dancing with Mother Earth, when you bring forth the trust where some new steps can be taken. It is as if the whole of nature is reminding you of the potential for new unfoldment. So if you keep your eyes open, fresh to new vistas, your ears attuned to the most recent songs of nature and if you notice the rhythm in your veins, the quality of your heart, you can renew yourself in this time in a gentle way yet very potent as you are drawing from nature itself, that freshness like the greener grass appearing, the fresh life.

The Wisdom of Spontaneous Energy Arising

Remember you have that potential to renew yourself with the rhythm of the planet and you yourself are an intrinsic part of the planet. Each time you are going with the rhythm of the season you are encountering and drawing the beauty and the richness that each season presents you, so that the wisdom of spontaneous energy arising will assist you in whatever way it is possible. Yes in winter energy also is moving you, but differently, it is taking you inwardly to a depth that perhaps cannot be touched in another season. If you can see  the great qualities and beauty that are present within those different rhythms and dances as we call them, then you really are mastering all the aspects that sometimes eludes you and are somehow unknown to you. Fresh considerations are opened regarding aspects of your being touching the physical, emotional, and even the spiritual aspect. The spiritual being also has its own season, again as a spiritual being you do not function separately from your body, as you are with a physical form so also spiritually there are seasons for you.

Draw in the True Breath of Life and Breath Out the True Expression of Who You Are

In the night when you leave your physical form you inhabit a subtler sphere and you are free of all those considerations because your spirituality is in full experience and potency. In the same manner when you are in your physical body and what you call your ordinary mind, its also the richest of mind if you can see that for what it truly is. If you can draw the true breath of life into you and breath out the true expression of who you are, there is no difference, there is no above and below, there is no spirituality which is separate from your physical senses. Now is a time of blossoming, a gentle time of unfolding and also it is a good time for seer-ship, where you can begin to look into the direction of something fresh and new that you have not tried before and be helped by the spirit of the season, the spirit of the time. You will be helped also by the guardians of your own unique tradition, whatever spiritual tradition you are linked to, whatever the lineages that you belong to they will be there too.

You are that Pivotal Point for the Next Moment of Evolution for the Planet

Spring was always the time of calling and awakening of the ancient forces to collaborate between the powers of the underworld for some and the powers of sky for others. What matters is the summoning of these forces to be totally channelled into the power of Mother Earth because she will give you back that very knowing, that you brought down and you are that pivotal point for the next moment of evolution for the planet. Look at your responsibility as you are here, but look at it with joy, don’t feel burdened by the amount of personal responsibility that you carry, because at this point we are speaking of the collective responsibility which you all share. At the personal level this is slightly different of course, as you are well aware of your personal responsibilities. You need to add the collective sense how you can collaborate with Mother Earth and with all the elements of nature, all the bodies of water, all the bodies of fire, all the bodies of earth, all the bodies of air and all the beings that are sustaining the life of the elements. Indeed how blessed you are when you can simply place a thought upon any of these elements and begin to interact with the beings that are the protectors of these elements. You can start it as a gentle conversation in an attunement with the beings that have always worked for the protection of Mother Earth despite the human existence.

The Planet Loves You Deeply

You have the responsibility to be a human inhabitant and a planetary citizen, a citizen of this very Planet which loves you deeply, but it has its own intrinsic power which can also annihilate the life existence in the form that you know very rapidly. Remember to engage, to be attuned, to listen and to smile into the fresh opening so that there is immediately a resonance as Mother Earth is smiling once more, bringing all her potential forward for the human family to truly deepen and understand that link and not leave it so superficial and so casual that one great opportunity is once more missed and we do know that you will not wish to miss this one.  So we’ll stop here but we wish to really celebrate the change of season as it is becoming so tangible for all of you.

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