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Leaving the Physical Body

April 3, 2012

Questioner: What happens when we leave the physical world and pass into spirit world are we in some sort of fog?

Munjiji:  It is all depending on your nature. Generally speaking of course once you don’t have the physical form you are subtler in your operative manner. But let’s say that you had led a life of very unhealthy actions and ways of thinking. Well the unhealthy actions will reap karmic debts and so they will be repaid at the physical level unless the person once they leave the physical form is able to see very clearly what they have done. (Please see seperate posts on Karma)

The Mind Continues only The Physical Form Dissolves

You see as soon as you leave your physical form, if your mind set is still of an unhealthy nature, disruptive, then it will still be exactly in that disruptive nature because the mind continues. There will be some layers of the mind that are not there, there will be an upliftment initially but also there is that time of reviewing of one’s own nature, temperament, actions and if the one that is observing has not acquired sufficient clarity they will be often be plunged into the same emotions that were plaguing them in the physical life. The emotional body does not dissolve, the mental does not dissolve, it’s only the physical form that dissolves. The mental, emotional and spiritual body will in time dissolve as they are evolving but they need assistance. Hence some of our work is to assist before you leave the physical form and after you leave the physical form. Each one of you is never alone whatever has been your life’s accomplishment for the evolution or the involution of the planet. Whatever you have done you will be having assistance but will you be able to perceive the assistance or will you have created such a density of mind that you will be in the kind of fog that you are saying?

Earth Bound Presences

Those ones that have not acquired the capacity to relinquish some of that density of mind they will be approached by those ones that will encourage them to do so. However at that level souls are free and if the entanglement of their mind is so intentional then they will linger quite close to the planet earth and be rather disruptive also. You are calling those ones Earth Bound Presences. Let’s say somebody has a very irritable nature and somebody else also with an irritable nature has just passed in to spirit. Now supposing the person who has just passed is not attempting sufficiently their review and their own judgment of their life but instead they want to brood in their irritable nature, and this indeed can happen. They are free, they feel a sense of relief, they have a sense of openness but it’s not lasting. It’s not lasting longer because that groove of an irritable nature is very strong and tends to reappear. Lets assume that they have not been able to shake it off yet and so some of that nature will want to re-enter an energy place that it’s familiar with. The density will want to re-enter and stay with the same density because you belong always where you truly belong. Its as if you are breathing a rarefied air and you want to plunge to lower levels because you need to breath the air that you are used to breathing and so you will plunge  closely to earth level to find individuals of similar nature to feed upon their energy.

Careful with your Thoughts because as you Think so You Attract……………

Human beings don’t realise that their own negative modality will also constellate and invite those ones that come from the level of spirit that have not yet understood that they should rise to the light but instead are drawn to a person that acts in an improper manner. There is not only that person but there is kind of a grouping of presences that are encouraging or assisting that kind of work and it is not pleasant to witness but is a fact my friends. So we think you are adult enough to understand that and that’s why we say, careful with your thoughts. Careful with your thoughts because as you think, so you attract atmospheres not only atmospheres but you attract those ones in spirit who are still dressing themselves with certain negative feelings.

Spirit World Always Assists

We always say in the end you will leave this physical form so do not give so much importance to the physical form as you do. It’s good that it’s healthy, it’s good that it’s kept as best as you can, but the physical is not so dominant in the influence of other minds. Your mind, yes that will continue and the strength of your mind will influence the strength of other minds, it will be rising and wishing to be stationed with those ones that are assisting you to enlightment. However if you wish to be again at a level where you feel more comfortable because you are breathing better, the air is denser and thicker then you will not even want to consider to be in a new rarefied atmosphere. But of course this is temporary and there is always a lot of help, there is a lot of activity in spirit world to always assist those ones that wish to stay on the earth level. It is not only human species that tends to come near but other presences that have nothing to do with the human family but they like the play of existence and they like to play that part.

You Review Several Lifetimes

If instead someone carries an illness that will make it for them difficult to reason, to think, to function at the level of a person who has free choice, then in this instance, there are other elements at play and the person will experience a sense of freedom, will experience relief from those chemical aspects that were not quite functioning for them and will feel finally that they can be themselves. If somebody has a limitation on a physical or a mental level which is very linked to a chemistry they will in their mind truly always be trying to free themselves from that dimension but because of the limitation that the physical form presents, they are unable to do that. So that is another category; now as soon as they relinquish their physical form its such a sense of relief and suddenly they can really enjoy and know better their own mind and so they can evolve and gradually be taken to a subtler level and to a level of expansion of understanding of who they are and they are assisted by their own helpers and assistants

But as far as you generally would say you will have a sense of relief, on leaving your physical form and a sense of spaciousness. Next you need to know how to work with yourself to make good use, after a certain period of rest, in reviewing  your life actions but not only one life but of several. They will come together because they come in bunch in order to make sense of what you have been accomplishing or not. This is particularly the case where you have lived several lives and have not really increased your level of awareness of who you really are. Who are you really? None other than cosmic consciousness. Does that answer moderately, not precisely your question?

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