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Trance Healing leading to Speech

April 5, 2012

Trance is always a form of healing because the trance changes the atmosphere changes the energy around allowing people to activate their own healing energy and also allows the friends in spirit to come through and assist and give the healing. In the ancient time it was very natural you came to the temples where the functions of trance (oracle/seer) were directly linked with healing the two were never separate, and this is one of the reasons also why here we always offer at the end healing to keep that ancient tradition. Separating the two has been a later development, the two in fact are the two wings of one vehicle which is unbalanced if the two are separate

Healing is the Water of Life that Carries all the Other Power

Many  individuals find it very difficult to develop in development circles but when they join a healing circle they find that their mediumistic ability develops, and they wonder how is that possible. But healing has always been the water of life that carries all the other power and indeed it is the most accessible so the two are not separate they are intrinsically linked. So you are following the more natural expansion of where the movement of the energy is going, like your personal river of the trance energy, the healing is the quality that arises first. So you enter the healing and with that the trance will lead you and expand the healing itself and will lead you into how your trance aspect will unfold so that out of the healing trance this speech will follow. So do not follow the speech as something that should take place now, you need to allow the energy that is the strongest to take you along. It is for each individual very specific but looking at the ancient manner of operating, the two have always come together and one came out of the other. So if the healing is there the trance will then turn into speech eventually but it may become less dominant. So follow the easiest, what brings you the deepest  so there is no mind planning or manipulating it. If it takes you by surprise this is the best news because it means you are really following the movement, the flow of that energy. At that point you are now skilled enough to say, actually if I open this, this is taking me somewhere and I had thought that I had to separate the two but the two are truly never separate.

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