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“I Don’t Know What Will Happen Next”

April 5, 2012


Questioner:  I don’t know what will happen next…..there isn’t enough form in my life as I would like it.’

The beauty of forms is they dissolve as well as forming.  Reforming and dissolving again like waves on the ocean. They reform and finally dissolve for a completely different set of forms until there is such a refinement that this dance of form and no form is transferred to another level. It is difficult to be in form, in physical form, emotional form and mental form, isn’t it? It’s not just the physical form, you are forming friendship, you are forming relationship, you are forming links and they continuously change in the way they are manifesting. There are distances, people come closer, people move away there are all kinds of movements that are simply happening physically, like travelling perhaps, being away from families for a bit and friends going away. These events continuously affect your emotional form, your mental form and that’s why we are saying you are complex beings, because all these levels appear.

This Apparent Storm of Existence

Now, to hope for continuity is a kind of small illusion, isn’t it? There has to be the ability to see it for what it is, because as you are looking at this dance of form it changes continuously. You are changing the form of your thinking, there is the aging element there are so many aspects. Everything is in flux and only that which is eternal stands at the heart of this apparent storm of existence.  We have often used this example of the still eye at the heart of the storm and you need to gradually become more established in it so that the dance will not be just a storm but will be more of  a dance . You are  bound to be subjected to this continuous flux and what happens then is that you feel a little more vulnerable and fragile and it makes you yearn to give more love to your family, to your friends and to establish that openness of heart and to see how precious that is. This impermanence that we have been describing will assist you to establish closer  links with invisible friends in spirit, with the masters, with the teachers, with the angelic beings because you see how much in flux is the Samsara which is the way of suffering, because of all the change.

Change a Stepping Stone for Further Faith

When there is a good situation it may change, although it is good that when a bad situation is there it can also change. So you can use change as the stepping stone, a stepping stone for further faith, further trust, further love, further openness, further transformation. So not to be an enemy of that flux, not to be an enemy of that movement that is development, but there is the underlying love that is your current, that is the part that will keep you in touch with your eternal being.

To Find Nourishment Beyond the Transient

Sometimes love is forgotten and when it is forgotten you are often brought back to it through difficulties and changes that life presents. It’s always going back to that quality of love which is Presence. Presence is what we call the eye in the middle of the storm, in the middle of great changes where you wonder ‘Am I coming? Am I going? What is my life? You see, the more you ask ‘What is my life?’ the more you may not find an answer because it is a large process that eludes the understanding of the lower mind, but also eludes a good part of the higher mind. Presence has to move into spiritual mind for you to embrace it and feel that you can find refuge, sustenance and nourishment beyond the transient. The transient means that each time you are wondering where will my next meal, shelter, friend come from or as the years go by I will be losing some family, some friends and one day they will  lose me –  how is all this to be bourne? Well, it is through this link of love.

You Are Complete Essence that does not Require Form Forever

This link of love from the visible to the invisible, from the form to no form. It is in the beauty of form that this love recreates itself again and again; and it is the beauty of form that it self-destructs or disengages from being form in to being formless. You are beyond form, so you are complete essence which does not require form forever, you will always be intelligence,  always be Presence,  always be love and always beingness. It will not be an amorphous experience that regresses into no intelligence, no presence, no being.

Go in to Silence to Hear More and More

So it is understandable that your emotional being, your mental being it’s always trying to find a confirmation that you will be alright. When you wish to confirm that you are alright just pray, just rise your face and your faith towards those ones that are on the higher level, your teachers, your angelic beings, because there is nothing wrong in taking refuge in those beings. That is where you find shelter when you are confused when you are lost : “thy will be done, please come near, let me hear your voice, let me hear your guidance.” That’s why when there is great confusion, when there is not knowing, people need the remedy of going into silence because  they can become  receptive and can hear more and more. Once  your own internal dialogue and voice ceases, then you can really hear the voice of the divine, and the voice of your soul, of your essence. So there is always the remedy too but you have to have the courage to step into it.

You come again and again into existence not to create more knots in your existence but actually to unravel all those knots so that there is freedom. There is freedom in your being and then being and non being becomes one. So it is in the unravelling, perhaps that image can help you, rather than in the creating more products of knotting. The rope is there, the invisible rope which you hold the connection to your masters and your teachers it is there but it is an invisible one and that needs cultivating. In the quiet silence the still voice abides.

So there is a time to cement things and a time to relinquish. But the love it’s always binding, always linking, always, always bringing you in the right direction and brings you joy. Whatever the weather, whatever the circumstances keep nourishing that flame of love. Simple not easy. So that will comfort you that fire, that flame is love that is true light.

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