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Munjiji Feeling Emotions

May 25, 2012

Question: Do you and members of the team experience emotions in the way that we experience them in this realm?

Munjiji: The emotional body is a very important body because it is a great intermediary that opens the door to the vastest intuitions. The subtle bodies are different because when you inhabit a physical form your emotional body it is very close to the responses that are in your physical form and in your subtle physical form. They are quite linked so that if somebody touches your finger you feel it and there is an emotional response. The emotions are also influenced by memories because you have a mind and you use the lower mind that has memory which is a very strong part of mind.

On Leaving the Physical You still Retain the Emotional and Mental Body for a While

Memory accumulates information which becomes dense with the result that your emotions are more intense. Naturally as you are close to your physical form you are rather identified with the physical form so that a closer part of the emotional being resonates very strongly to the colouring, the chords of the physical form. Once you leave the physical form you will notice that you still retain the emotional body but you will notice a certain amount of loosening; this will be for a bit and then you have to come to confront the alliance of mind and emotion which exist in this subtler realm.

Emotions and Physical Memories from Past Lives Come Back

The closeness is mind and emotion because the body is being left, but it takes a while, whilst the subtle physical body is disintegrating. So as you immediately leave the physical form you feel a sense of relief but it is not the whole story, because then the emotional comes back with what has been imprinted for several incarnations and also with memory of physical aspects there are still retained. So now you are beginning to discuss with yourself, negotiate what is happening between your emotional body and your mind both the lower mind the higher mind. Here your subtle emotional body is becoming different it is beginning to shed some of the layers that you carry at the emotional level, as the lower mind, higher mind and emotional body receive more and more of the imprint of the spiritual body.

Emotion is the Bridge to Vaster Wider Perception in Spirit World

You then enter into an area, especially when you begin to work more and more in clusters of souls that are working for others, where you notice your emotions because as we said at the beginning emotion is the bridge to vaster wider perception. What you call your intuition also travels through your emotional being, so for us, that different lighter emotion allows us to sense and to know direction, movement and the way of operating with you. Because we have that subtler level of emotion and intuitive being it comes into play to assist you.

Emotions exist for Us but not in the same way as for You

So to answer your question, yes the emotional bodies exist but are not operative in the same manner as it is operative with you. Your level of oscillation does not belong to us, at least to this team of people working but that does not mean that there is no laughter or responses to how things are going in your life and in your heart. As we are taking care of various groups of people, so there is interaction and there are feelings. However you need to control your emotions but we don’t need to control ours because our emotions operate in such a manner that there is discernment and things have been clarified. However as there is always evolution for us so we also have work to do in that manner.

For example, Munjiji, would you ever feel irritated by a question?

No dear friend, a question will not irritate us no.  But we can feel the suffering of beings.

Ok so you might feel sadness for example?

We can feel the suffering of beings, it’s different.

When we are aware of another being suffering we enter into compassion and in order for that compassion to rise, a certain amount of that pain has to be taken in, but that does not influence our modality, you understand, but it has to be taken in and that is also part of the work. If we’re just witnessing and we do not take in some of that pain, you are not truly going to be helped, you understand, we have to take something, this is the important question because the emotional body is a vehicle for us as well.

So if I’m understanding it correctly, this is more of  a sensor for you, this is more of a way that you can connect with us, obviously for you to feel compassionate there has to be some sort of link with the suffering on our level.

We have to link with where you are at and we have to take some of it with us and when we take it there is a certain work there, it is not neutral, but we have learnt how to work with it. It is scooping a bit of darkness to use that very simple phrase.

It is temporary, it is done purposely and it is not that our emotional body is thrown into a place where we say well we don’t want to see this group anymore this is hopeless, you know.

Yes.  You don’t have that sort of emotion.

It’s totally unnecessary, we are eternally hopeful.

So are we.

And we’re quite happy.

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