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Chronic Illness

June 1, 2012

Chronic Illness

It is a time of looking inwardly in order to re-adjust. Sensitivity and sensibility are required in respect of how the physical body is connected to the mental, emotional and spiritual body. It is better there is no unnecessary pressure on finding one particular answer that will remove everything. The eagerness to eliminate may indicate a further limitation. Really the individual who experiences this problem again and again actually needs to be very patient and wide in their perspective.


A Thorn in the Body

Do not see it as a punishment or a thorn in the body that comes again and again. Simply include it and make it part of life. By befriending the condition more understanding is given, although it is unique for each individual. In some instances that understanding may remove the cause and the symptoms. In other instances it may not prevail upon the condition, because that is not the path walked by the illness and by the understanding from the soul level.

In which case you need to diminish the intensity of wanting to put everything right, but of course maintain a general sense of wanting to put your house in order, the house being your body. Do not be too eager to be perfect. If you are born with some weaknesses, some tendencies in your digestive system, energy level, look at them as your companions along the way, an opportunity to include fresh aspects that have not been included.

Insights can can Help in Changing the Condition

So let’s say that this friend experiences tiredness then what she needs to do is to follow and obey the request of that tiredness, because that is the way that you befriend someone who asks something of you in a particular manner. It is by assisting and following closely with compassion, with insights regarding what is taking place that some change can take place. The expectation that from understanding change can take place is true, but it is also relative. Many great beings that understand a lot more have decided not to remove illnesses that afflict them. Instead it becomes like the colour of your eyes or your hair, because these things are always changing. The body takes some steps further ahead and some steps back, it is a matter of inclusion.

By Constant Relating Something can be Changed

Of course when you are discouraged you need friends who will support you. If you wish to search for a new solution then why not. All this is welcome but do not antagonise the situation by rejecting parts of yourself. In that moment of lack of strength and things not turning out physically as you had hoped for there is something else that is blossoming. There are qualities that are being put in place, there are possibilities that can open but they are not so easily seen by the eye of the personality. They are perceived by the eye of the soul and that’s why the great beings do not touch the body by changing anything that is touching body.

What we mean is they choose not to intervene, they could but they don’t. Instead there is this welcoming of whoever is knocking at the door to be understood from the depths first. It is an understanding of the uninvited guest and having to make room for them, because they are not going to go away, and they will decide when they will leave and they will come back when they decide to come back. Somehow by the constant relating something can be changed so that by relating to the illness, to the difficulties, by looking at them as a friend with whom there needs to be a conversation a kind of agreement for space. You might say:” I do need some energy today please give me back some energy” something can answer to you and include what you wish.

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