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Viruses & Being a Victim of Circumstances

June 17, 2012

Blown by the Winds of Life

Q: I’ve been ill, probably working too hard, is this just a coincidence that a virus struck?

Munjiji: That’s something that in a sense is decided externally from you. By overworking you created an imbalance.

Actually it’s a movement, an internal movement of saying, it is time to reach another fresher dimension so something will give way in order for something to be acquired.

Q:Where does that movement come from?

From your soul, that movement comes from the part that you are not constantly in touch with so it always takes you by surprise. The soul is the director and that is the biggest difference between the illumined beings that are in total identity with soul and those that are not.

Q: Is this the part of my soul that is incarnated or the part that has not?

Munjiji: The one that is not incarnated,

Q: So if I understand it correctly, part of my soul that is incarnated has unfortunately got slightly deluded into thinking it’s the body and the mind and so forth?

Munjiji: No, no, the part of soul that is incarnating is progressive energy that is linking to the fullness of your vaster soul. The fullness of your vaster soul stands partially behind but is also present in your physical being but is not revealed because there are obscurations created by the lower mind.

In the Play of Existence you do Interact with One Another.

Now one of the great the complications of the human being is you think you are at the mercy of events. But when there is soul awareness there is no way to consider oneself a victim of circumstances. However in the play of existence, of course you interact with one another, not all the conditions are predictable, not all the mixing of the chemistry of situations will necessarily be known to the soul. The soul has a complete knowing but only from a certain perspective. You are also existing collectively without recognising you are the one existence, therefore you are still bumping against each other’s will, against each other’s difficulties, so you are often a victim of circumstances.

Make All the Events of Your Life a Spiritual Practice

There is a way to observe being that victim of circumstances which brings insight. You need to observe what’s happening from your higher self and experience the event as an opportunity for growth. Sometimes circumstances are not what they were expected to be but they can always be lived as what is needed to happen which is therefore perfect. So it is your approach that will make the difference, making all the events of your life a spiritual practice.

Constant Flow of Love and Understanding in Every Circumstance

It also depends on your level of understanding of yourself. There are many factors playing here all at once but it’s true sometimes you are at the mercy of circumstances in a way and that’s where the element of surrender to the highest comes in. Consider yourself as the actor, but the fine line between this is recognising the constant flow of love and understanding in every circumstance and the constant flow is the lesson already presented by your higher self, the part that truly knows. The less skilled way of looking at this is to say: “ was this of my making and did I miss an opportunity that was there or did I happen to find myself on the wrong corner of the street” but this is using the lower mind and lower self.  All these are possibilities, there is not one answer you see, that’s why we have to present the spectrum because it will do it a disservice to make it too simple. But going back to your question, who sent what, that was your question. Well the illness came out of an imbalance,

Q:Yes,…. The imbalance was created by me, but my soul in seeing the imbalance decided to assist me by, I don’t know how this works, but allowing the virus to, as it were, impede my normal activity but only to a certain degree so that I wasn’t too ill but that it meant that I could be much more introverted and read spiritual books.

Munjiji: Yes, let us call the soul for the time being the higher self just to make it simpler, it’s not exact but its fine for the time being. So you are going out of balance with something in order to come to the higher level of balance so no judgment about that but you are going out of balance.

Asking for Help and Working on Yourself is Vital

So at that point the imbalance comes but because you have worked on yourself and you have a link with your soul you have a certain awareness; that’s why it’s vital that you work on yourself. Anyway because you have asked to work with your higher self and to be shown the way, this means you haven’t asked to be in ignorance for long, so the soul knows that and that you wish actually to be alerted to further progress rather than taking the long way into regressive steps.

People Need Several Lifetimes to Undo Progress as Understood by Lower Mind

Sometimes people seem to progress and then it takes two or three lifetimes to undo what they call progress from the lower mind. In your case as you have made a pledge to work with your soul, to really work for evolution and so your soul is immediately alerting you to a possibility. Now alerting you it’s a euphemism because you are not aware of it completely, but your higher self sees an opportunity and says rather than letting this particular situation get bigger and bigger, I have been asked by the soul to make the personality aware and I’m going to make them aware because it does happen that at present in the auric field of this individual is a virus.

(Editors note: see the teaching on Viruses)

Virus is Used to “Store” a Light

So because of the mind level of the individual which is slightly confused, this virus is coming in pretty fast so we (higher self) are allowing this. They are not inviting the virus, because the virus is already approaching because of the distortion. The virus is being used not simply as an obnoxious element but it is immediately used to store a light so that when you are diminished through your illness because you are vulnerable and slightly confused, then your soul can shine or your higher self can send a message a little bit more clearly. Why, because in that confusion, in that shakiness everything is being rattled a little bit, and there is a little window of opportunity, and then the soul says: do this, do that, take this initiative, let go of that, allow something different to take place, drop your routine, so on and so forth. Yes there is less and less than what you expected but that is actually speeding up your growth, your development, it is not reducing it. Does that make any sense to you what we are saying?

Q:Yes, as a concept it definitely makes sense.  As regards my own way of being recently, yes I mean I was pushing myself and, mainly with regards to the work.

Munjiji: You were pushing yourself mentally you see, but that doesn’t mean that the consequences are not going to come along the way, physically. You push mentally and something physically comes along the way. When you are pushing, you create a ripple and then there is an avenue for the viruses to come along.

Weakness is Created by Imbalance and Not Noticing when it has taken place

Of course viruses are entitled to their existence and their activity, they are not real friends but you have to transform them and that is the purpose of the soul, to assist you but the weakness is created by the imbalance of pushing in one direction and not noticing where the imbalance has taken place. It is not stopping soon enough, and sometimes you cannot stop because it has already been going on for a while and so that diminishment it is coming to augment or facilitate your growth.

Often Good People Suffer a Lot of Ill Health

There is no need to judge yourself and say: “well people that are always well, they are perfect beings and people who are getting ill a lot are not”. Indeed, we have said that people that actually have a lot of awareness may incur more demands from their soul or higher self. Although this may produce a disharmony and it will be more frequent but it can be more quickly adjusted as the person is using their awareness. You can have the situation were something that seems to go so smoothly for years on end but in fact it is building a mountain of difficulties that will take a few lives to change.

You Never Truly Know the Suffering Inside of another Human Being

When people question why it is very good people are suffering so much and that so called nasty people seem to be having great health well of course its an ignorant question because you never know the suffering inside of the human being, you have no idea of that. So you cannot judge when someone that looks a tower of strength physically what is happening in their inner world but sometime people put that question and say I work so much on myself and I seem to crumble away more quickly than anybody else, why?  But it is because your soul is alerting you to things and its engaging you in the moment to repay and to re-establish, repay karmic debts to establish fresh resonances and to move on, it means there is movement.

There is Something Growing Beautifully for Renewal in that Diminishing 

When things are going apparently well they are just pleasing to the sense of selfishness to the ego aspect of the personality, that is so beautifully wrapped around the soul but is indeed going to be completely unwrapped. So that’s why sometimes things are very deceptive so do not complain, or you can complain because you are entitled totally to complain, but do not be discouraged by illnesses, lack of energy, disappointment, things that don’t happen in your life, whatever is the lack in your life, whatever is not being fulfilled because there is something growing beautifully for renewal in that diminishing.

What is Life, the Great Teacher, trying to Show Me

Sometimes life pulls the carpet from under you just when you are going to organise this beautiful trip, the flu takes you to bed. This is not a way to say the trip was wrong, its much more subtle so look at it immediately as an opportunity to see what is taking place. It is an opportunity to see what life the great teacher is trying to show you and then you can turn the difficulty on its head. This is the main testing, turning always difficulty on to its own head and see it as a welcome friend:

“you are a little bit difficult but I eventually will understand you, what you need and I will understand my circumstances better”

Teaching you to be Cosmic Being that can Include All

You see what happens to you and what is difficult to you is going to teach you to become a subtler being, a more compassionate being and a wider cosmic being, a being that can include all, isn’t that beautiful then. So do get discouraged when it seems that other people’s life progresses well with success and fame and great health and wonderful relationship and so on and so forth. Just accept that all will occur in its own good time and in the right measure and the One that is measuring it all is not visible to you. The One that held the scale they had an ancient God in Egypt for that,so, does that answer?

Yes, it’s a huge answer Munjiji and I’m very grateful for that ….


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