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June 13, 2012

Pagodas have many layers just like human beings


Questioner: You spoke about viruses, why do they attack the human body?


Viruses are a Vibrational Response

There is complete freedom for what life itself produces. It can produce something that works against your well being and something that also works in favour of your well-being. This is due to the evolutionary process, so not everything that comes your way is welcomed but it is actually a challenge, it is an opportunity for you to develop more understanding. The viruses usually inhabit a particular condition in space but they are called in by the reflection, the mirroring of your negativity. It’s like a signal to which they respond meaning that your own disharmony will be the attraction.

A Vaster Realm of Yourself of which You are Uncertain

Most of the time your own disharmony is self created but is being created below the surface of your awareness hence the difficulty. At the surface level you are absolutely clear that you are functioning pretty well, that you are thinking clearly, that you know what you’re doing in your life but below that level there is a vaster realm of yourself of which you are very uncertain, you don’t know. You catch glimpses in dreams, you catch glimpses from the subconscious aspect, glimpses from moments in life where things pop up and say “oh I didn’t expect to have that reaction” for example. So there is a vast part of yourself that is not so conscious and it is there that the viruses notice there is an opening when you are not feeling good at all within yourself and about yourself.

Viruses are called by Affinity not as a Judgement

Let’s take this not feeling good about yourself as an example – the friends called the viruses will just feel that there is an invite you see the door is open. They are not thinking “you are a bad person”, not at all; they are just going by affinity. It is that like attracts like. So as you are vaguely conscious that things are not quite right in your life but you cannot put a finger on it, then something has already moved in your subtle body, usually in your etheric or astral body and has moved in a way that is disjointed. It begins with signs of an uneasiness. If you are able to detect the uneasiness and grab it before it becomes submerged again, unconscious, then you own power, your own light can redirect this. It is so vast the realm of your less conscious being that it is rather difficult to be completely aware. So the viruses always, by affinity, find you when you are having a very negative disposition and don’t do anything else but obey to a calling that comes from you.

Like an Open Door with a Clear Invite which you Didn’t Realise

You are like an antenna continuously emanating vibrations both positive and negative.  You should never consider  that “I have caused myself an illness”, we don’t want you to think like that at the conscious level. It’s not really the truth in that sense because you are still a little bit ignorant of some layers of your being and that is simply what has happened. You are trying your best, its just that underneath it all there are so many layers. Now as the awareness of all those different layers gradually takes place there is the potential for people to become immune to illnesses, but this is very rarely achieved. When healing is provided all the power of the friends with their own mind and the friends in spirit, call the energy of the positive and this starts re-addressing imbalances. This energy then begins to work and to move out the unwanted host and the unwanted guests that have just happened to come in simply because the door was open with a clear invite that was not realised by the human being.

Please do not judge yourself as “I have done this to myself”. You have to simply say:

“I was not aware of this aspect of myself, I now will put more light, I now will look into this in order to understand it better. May those ones who see more  help me, may the Mother Earth of which I’m made of and the elements help me too”.

You just do your work, we are not expecting in this planetary level perfection, so do not expect perfection from yourself, approach everything with an interest and as experimenting. Your body is this laboratory of experiments. So you are experimenting for what you need to know about yourself. One day this physical form will be dropped, the experiment for that level will be finished but for the time being do not be too dramatic about how your body works or does not work. Take it as a good companion but do not make it your permanent companion, that is where the suffering begins. That is very important so use it as a good ground for experience but do not try to make it perfect; you will only give yourself a headache.


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