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Coping with A Noisy Environment

July 6, 2012
Sailing on an Ocean of Calm near the Big City

Sailing on an Ocean of Calm near the Big City

Questioner: I live in a noisy neighbourhood. It is difficult to meditate . How can I cope with this?


City life can be very challenging. During the day you can play music but at night it is a different matter. Here is an exercise that you can try:

First of all when you have this kind of disturbance the first centre that is influenced is your solar plexus. So bring the energy of disturbance that has appeared in the solar plexus and focus on that energy:  see the energy first of all, then feel the energy. You will feel the disturbance and although it is stabbing in your ears or your eyes you will draw all that energy to the solar plexus.

As you are taking that dissonance that is hitting you and bringing it into the solar plexus, make it a colour even if it is a colour of a raging emotion that is coming through the window and you are feeling annoyed yourself, bring all that into solar plexus.

You make it substantial and bring it upwards into heart so that you are empowering the centre of power and then you dilute, you dissolve into heart and as you go into heart the skill is to melt your mind into heart so that you begin to dissociate from outer events and you are inwardly focused inwardly intent until you really can fall asleep or go out of consciousness in a way that what is happening out there is so relative, is no longer of interest or affecting your hearing.

You will be able to do this sometimes but not other times and when that happens you can simply surround yourself with protection.This practice we are giving you is transforming, it’s almost like the mastery of pulling energy to yourself. The very disturbing energy you just pull it and take it back in. Bring it to solar plexus, then heart, then just melt.

You must not be discouraged if in the early days this is difficult because in time mastery will come and then it will not matter where you are because you are creating your own internal environment. In a sense as you practice this you are also cleaning the environment.



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