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July 8, 2012

All Paths including Science can Lead to Illumination

Questioner: the latest discovery by the scientists in Switzerland is going to make us see the fabric of the universe in a different way?


This is not the end of the story it is just one discovery. One element in a much larger scale of things. What is exciting is that this discovery will assist in a certain way of looking at things, looking at something that was denied until now or was unrecognised.

It is the Beginning Not the End

From our side we are looking at whether the minds of the scientists have changed sufficiently to make the best use of this discovery. That’s the important question for your evolutionary path. What has been discovered opens a door, the beginning of possibilities, not the end of something. This discovery needs to be looked at in an expansive, illumined manner and some scientists can, but not all. Scientists in spirit world are working to help illumine those minds.

Pray that an Open Mind Prevails

This illumination is crucial for the future of humanity. What was known in the ancient spiritual traditions is now converging with scientific discoveries. The minds that are making these new discoveries are the same minds that in previous lives brought tremendous limitation in ancient times via religion. You have to pray now that an open mind prevails. The power of knowing something on this new level may yield a power of oppression instead of expression, repression instead of growth.

Some will Still Try to Disprove Something of endless Value

As spirit presences we are delighted but we are looking with suspended breath because those minds have come to repay an element of oppression they did in former times. Look in history and you will see that most great minds, mathematicians,astronomers and philosophers were in religious orders. In those days access to education was through religious organisations.Unfortunately the religious knowing would not always accept the discovery of physics and new knowledge of the universe, just one example is Gallileo. Some of those souls have incarnated again promising to correct that mistake, to readdress the balance from those times, but some of those ones may not have made that pledge yet.

Some of those minds are so fascinated by the discovery itself that perversly they will proceed to disprove something that is of endless value.  So this could be a great breakthrough but the minds of some of those scientists may not have turned accordingly because their mind set is:” I know this and I know more and my interpretation is……..”

By Individuating the One they Individuate the None

So this could become divisive. We hope the enthusiasm of this new discovery will globally make an echo that will make the human being make that leap, that all of you need, to know that life is eternal. However if the scientists approach it by individuating the One they may individuate the none! That is why we in spirit are trying to help the scientists maintain an open mind because this is a crucial time. We hope this discovery will be used to open panoramas, new vistas of the beauty of the human family.

However that ability to co-create if used in a narrow mind that is driven by the principle of ego and power then that will be the end of this planetary existence. Of course this risk has always been there since you discovered  the power of atomic energy. In fact you’ve been doing quite well, after all you are still here!

Assistance from Cosmic Beings

At the present time there are certain galactic configurations that should assist the evolutionary path. When you have cosmic beings in the subtle world assisting there is a potential for a good outcome. However as free will is given it has to be the leap of human mind not only spirit mind to make the change and the transformation. We can input the good will, we can call on the cosmic beings and the guardians of the planet but how much change has taken place really? Well a certain amount, the life of the human being has improved but there is still an imbalance which too big. We had hoped that that imbalance would have been diminished by now but it did not happen as quickly as we hoped, so there is still imbalance.

We hope this small answer helps a little bit in your understanding of your true purpose which of course includes making great discoveries which can used to benefit all beings.

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