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3 Days of Darkness

November 28, 2012

Question : in my travels I have come across a prediction concerning three days of darkness which is meant to happen around the equinox on 22 December. The same prediction has been made by a number of Catholic and Greek orthodox saints and by the Japanese Princess. One of these predictions mentions that before the three days of darkness there will be a shorter period of darkness and I was wondering if the power failure in the North East United States was the precursor of this?

I am also interested in a prediction that the earth will pass into the fifth dimension in December.

Munjiji:  Before we answer we wish to say the following.

You are all beings of light .You have a specific capacity to gather the light and spread that light which carries all the potential all the possibility of expansion of unfoldment of what is a naturally evolving planetary state. As eternal beings (who you really are) there is no need to have his understanding of this expansion of light but because you are currently in physicality you are therefore inextricably involved with the evolution of physical matter. When you come into existence in physical form you experience duality which is created by the mind and a particular level of consciousness. So that very light that you carry to illumine is sometimes misused or is not used in the manner that you would wish for the benefit of yourselves and the whole planetary existence.

A Light Radiating Being – A Fact

You cannot hide from the fact that you are this continuously light radiating being, this is simply a fact. Now there is a responsibility to understand , to perceive a time ahead of confusion and you have the ability to discriminate and this discrimination is very important and needs to be continuously renewed and refined because of all the information and events coming your way and also for your own direction.

Mind Can Trap Rather than Liberate You

Your mind which is not the whole of you but it often dominates the landscape of your presence is constantly filtering your experience and so these experiences are subject to a certain amount of distortion which does not necessarily reflect your true nature. You need to be aware of when this is happening because the mind is trapping you rather than liberating you. Also there is a liberating mind so do not think bypassing the mind is the answer.

You need a good functioning mind that can be held in check and when it is needed to then expand into higher knowledge. So this is part of your responsibility as to how you are regulating and governing your mind and how that then filters through the emotions which are also very connected to the mind although you don’t always make that connection.

Recent Unleashing of Energy on the Planet

We want to take this opportunity to remind you of the power of mind because there has been a certain amount of unleashing of energy on the planet which has not happened only recently but the situation has now reached a certain momentum where all kinds of elements are at play. We are also talking about the elements of air, earth, water and the sky that are forcefully pushing their energy onto the planet earth looking for a renewed direction, looking for renewed movement. By the power of your heart and mind you will be able to counter act some of the effects that are being set into motion not recently but a long time ago caused by not attending to what needs attending to. This is part of your responsibility and you need to cooperate with all those elements because they are also parts of your body mind essence. At present those elements are rioting and are creating a particularly fast movement so that everything is not only in transformation but in revolution. You are also a being in revolution because you challenge yourself by wishing to grow, by wishing to develop, by wishing to change.

Sustaining the Clear Light

Now when you have this it means that all the elements that constitute even your physical form as well as the planetary Mother Earth and the elements that surround and collaborate to form the earth are in revolution. So you need to be very attentive, responsible and loving of the whole process instead of being horrified. You also need to be very focused and not horrified by other people’s mistakes but instead sustaining the clear light. This is very important because everything is in revolution and things will come up at times in a not so pleasant way and it is not always easy to discriminate which way you should go and where are the people that are more truthful.

Wind in Your Mind, Rain in Your Being, Earth Shaking in Your Heart

You will find more and more conflictual energy and also more opportunity to look at your own reality which is forming in front of you. You will wonder shall I go this way or that way. This is the wind in your mind this is the rain in your being it is also the earth shaking in your heart. So remember that all this transformation that is spoken of like the weather is also in you too. Storms are in you, the revolution is in you but if you’re capable of being an assistant to it and formulate clearly what it is you are prioritising in your life and what you wish then you will not lose your centre. If you are not able to do that because you are in the midst of the confusion then as we have said in past just offer it on the altar to the highest and simply ask for help because there are beings there that are able to help all those who ask for assistance. We really wanted to bring this to your attention because this is a very dynamic and interesting time that requires your understanding. We will now turn to the specifics of the question that has been asked.

It looks like there are two questions and we will start by answering the second one first.

5th Dimension- more of an Attunement

The fifth dimension is not naturally provided by the earth through her body. This is provided by the inhabitants of the earth and is more of an attunement and is part of the revolution we were talking about. The fifth dimension will not become visible or tangible to everyone and indeed it is not a dimension that is able to become visible in the way that the questioner is possibly suggesting.

3 Days of Darkness

It is an inward transformation that is taking place and this has been in process for a number of years. This requires the attention that we were referring to in our keynote address above because there needs to be discrimination concerning the various theories about how this transition is taking place. As we have said this is in a sense a time of revolution but we do not want to give too much weight as to what will actually take place because the future is always in flux although there are tendencies. The tendency is that there is a certain amount of darkness that will weigh on the planet Earth.

This is simply because you have produced that amount of darkness, you as human family and that is why we are always talking to you about the light and indeed this evening we opened with the keynote about the light and who you are truly because now the earth is weighed down by a certain amount of darkness.

Always a Way Out of Darkness

Now there is always a way out of the darkness because there is always a way to operate beyond what is a kind of common understanding. So it has to be taken as a sense of responsibility that if there is a darkening of what has been a certain stage of understanding and of evolution, and these three days of darkness may refer to this, so this has to be taken as an incentive to operate more and more with the light. Also the more you are working with polarities and the more you find yourself in a dimension moving with the light albeit with difficulty the more you will feel inclined to do that because you are carrying a torch for the light. Many many individuals feel the same way and that is why the planet is polarised. A lot of you feel that you want to be this torch of light whatever are the circumstances.

So these days of darkness are unleashed because of past karma accumulated by the human family. When these days are going to occur cannot be specifically stated because it is all a matter of forces at work. It is also a work of coincidences with the powers of the elemental beings which as we have mentioned a few months ago they are not pleased.

Respect for The Elements

They are not pleased because a lot of the ritual and understanding has been left behind and forgotten and there has not been a level of evolution that has brought more understanding than has been forgotten. So there is some imbalance in the potency of the elements that were always in dialogue with the human beings. The human beings used to have a respect for the elements and this is what has become an imbalance and can bring the darkness. It comes from the unleashing of the forces of the elemental because of misunderstanding and not conducting properly the ritual of the ancient times that respected the balance with nature.

Now of course you can say, well we are a different civilisation we don’t need all this ritual. This is true you don’t need that ritual in the format that they were originally conducted. However from your heart you can do all the ritual that we are speaking about:





attunement to the elements

recognition of the power of nature

You can do that now much more simply without creating traditions such as the shamanistic tradition which had so many days of purifications, so many days of fasting. Nowadays you don’t want to do any of that. What is required is a profound interaction with nature and the elements which has been really neglected and misused. So the three days of darkness has been predicted because from ancient times the trend of that lacking has been seen but it cannot be defined if it is happening on this day or that day or in what way.

Intelligence at Work that Wishes to Wake You Up to Respect Existence

It all depends on you and how elemental forces are coming your way. They usually come unexpectedly. They don’t come when you expect it. When everybody is expecting something then it will happen somewhere else because there is intelligence at work that wishes to wake you up. It will do this in any way to wake you up to respect existence, energies and powers.

But beyond all that you are an eternal being a being of light. Countless lights. This interaction is your responsibility we cannot be more specific than that because it will lose the quality of what we are saying.

Q: some teachers have a very pessimistic view of humanity’s destiny can you say anything about this?

Humanity is at the brink of transformation. Missing opportunities does not mean that things are receding. It means that certain turnings have not been taken and that is a fact but also the overall tendency is still evolutionary not involutionary. Some teachers are definitely witnessing the battleground but not necessarily seeing the complete picture. The involution that some have witnessed is like a first wave not the final wave. You see often when you enter a battleground you don’t necessarily feel that you are winning because the one that is doing war towards you is winning because it is on the attack and you are surprised. On the other hand the battle is not finished there are other battles to come so not all has been seen at this point. The light may have diminished but it is not  extinguished because out of the same seed another civilisation comes. When we call it extinguished we mean what the ancients call, perhaps from the Hindu tradition we can use the word “pralayam” which means dissolution and then really a universe subsides for a while. Civilisations come to high points and then they recede, an example is the Minoan civilisation. So the sun sets and then it rises again.

When the Physical Form goes the Light is Liberated

Now the evolution of the overall being called Mother Earth is something different to the overall being of the human existence and there are still many battles to take place before deciding that the lights are diminishing, for now they have been subdued. This physical form of course will change because it’s meant to, it is intended to evolve. Either this experiment of what is called a human being will succeed or it will dissolve but does this mean that the soul will diminish? Not really. That is not the case, it just becomes more rarefied. Now if it becomes more rarefied it will either be because you are transforming upward evolutionary or it could be that you have been defeated hence you have to reappear in a more subtle form. When the physical form is so-called defeated at the level of the end of civilisation it simply means that the light is liberated, it does not inhabit form so clearly. So form, which is where the battleground takes place has to find another way to resurrect itself to receive more light again, that is what is at stake. Will the form be able to maintain and transform from where it is, will it be able to move forward or will it be defeated  or will transformation take place either evolutionary or apparently through the disolution? There is never really a defeat it is merely the dissolution of the experiment.

Q: so to summarise if this human experiment does not come to a satisfactory conclusion this time round then it is bound to reappear again to try again. Does that cycle continue until it actually happens?

Munjiji: Yes, it will reappear slightly differently and you already have examples of this. In the past you had beings on this planet who are very different from human beings. You had beings that were gigantic and died out because they could not quite evolve properly and that was already a physical form. So then the soul recedes and evolves through another means. So you see you cannot lose.

Do Not Curse the Darkness – Change comes through Love and More and More Light

Yes the situation is serious for the ecological reality but it is not by screaming and cursing the darkness that the change can be done. It has to come through love, so by light and more and more lights. You can never deceive the light, you can make it recede but it can never be obscured.

What some teachers are pointing out is that if you symbolically miss this ship then you are missing an evolutionary turn. Those people who are faithful to the light or perhaps more often the reflection of the reflection of the reflection of their own light, if they follow it they will not miss the evolutionary step. Of course if it happens collectively then it is complete but if it does not happen collectively ( at this point some opportunities have been missed) then it becomes an individual or small grouping evolution in that sense. The hope was for a complete evolutionarily leap for the collective and because the human family is one family for complete evolution it has to be done totality. However because this process also respects the individual it is a very complex matter because already you are an individual complex being and so it does not resonate easily for everyone yet because not everybody is on the same level. There is a kind of ladder to coming into incarnation and exiting again.The evolutionary level is not quite equal so we cannot just say that bad wills are at work it’s also that people are on different steps on the ladder of evolution, you cannot force it all at once. That was perhaps a little utopia and it was hoped for a collective movement.

Never Despair – Everything comes from Light Even the Darkness

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