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Friendship a Bond of Humanity

December 18, 2012


This word friends is often used in a vague way although it is held in the hearts of people as a sacred quality. For a moment bring your mind into your heart and see what the word friendship reminds you of. You will be able to touch something that holds a mystery, something that sustains your light and connects you with those you meet along the path of existence. That something is your Eternal Friend. What sustains friendship is the connection with your Eternal Friend.

Friendship is not a Superficial Commitment

Once you have the recognition of the Eternal Friend, this secret in your heart, it will allow you to attune and recognise what it truly means to have friends and to be a friend and to hold the sacredness of that.

When you are engaging in friendship it is not a superficial commitment because you are activating in someone else’s heart a resonance that you have in common which then becomes shared.

There are all kinds of friendships, there is nothing more mysterious than friendship. Of course you also need friendship with your very self. Also you have your friendships with your spiritual masters those ones who are leading you on the way. Then you have your friendship with Mother Earth, then you have your friendship with all the worlds of nature with the devas and the elemental beings and with the inner and outer worlds. You need to be friends with every aspect of existence as it is sacred but you are not able to function like that yet but this should be your direction.

You All Really Need One Another

You can make room for friends by asking where can you make yourself a little bit smaller so that they can expand more. Can you take that step to be a little bit smaller so that they can be a little bit more? They will see that and take a little step back which in fact is a step forward towards you and so the dance begins. This is a tiny little piece on the secret and mystery of friendship. When we come and welcome you as friends we are not just using a little word to fill in the gap. Or even worse to be simply polite. We mean what we are saying.

So we welcome you because you all really need one another. If you are at odds with some of your friends remember take a step first. Do not hold back because it is needed this unity of human family so that everybody can become as clear and transparent as possible for the well-being of Mother Earth and for the support and presence of life existence on this very planet. So we are hinting at one tiny aspect of what friendship means, of that solidarity.

Different Roads but Understanding One Another’s Steps

As a practice you can imagine the Mother Earth surrounded by the whole human family holding hands around her circumference creating a moment of reconciliation with those ones you don’t understand; you may not become friends as such but you do have to reconcile differences. It is time to wake up to true understanding and sometimes differences are very small, much smaller than the superficial look gives you. At a deeper level you may find true understanding for one another. You may choose different roads but you may understand their steps. So it is always with a commitment to friendship to you that we come to support the human family.



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