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So Much Illness in Early 2013

January 13, 2013
Don't Look Too Far Ahead

Don’t Look Too Far Ahead

Q: There seem to be many people, strong people who do not normally get anything, with illnesses both prolonged illnesses and unusual illnesses ,is it anything to do with the current time we are living in?

Munjiji: Yes there is an amplification of energy at present.Mother Earth has done this and there is this change of wavelength for the planet. As you are part of the planet it affects you too. It’s like the protective atmosphere of the earth has become thinner and it is registered most strongly on the physical level plus uncomfortable feelings too. This is more than people are used to because there is more weighing on the scale of transformation both in terms of invisible presences coming in and also the fact that you have more human souls on the planet than at any other time. You need to become the star that is at the centre of this vibratory change and hold undiminished to your light whatever is happening.

Whatever is False Needs to be Relinquished

Many of you have been holding things out of your life that you’ve not wanted to deal with but now there’s a big pressure for these things be brought to consciousness, of course this creates some pain and confusion. Whatever is false needs to be relinquished. We have said previously that 2012 would bring a lot of light to bear and reveal truth, this continues. Do not think that because you’re feeling low at this time that this will be a permanent state, instead simply use your will to observe what is happening now and also to let go of old patterns. As you create more space in your life through releasing old patterns this enables you to see your own inner light more and naturally flow into a different quality of being.

If at times the energy that is flowing is made of tears, pain and thorns it is okay because it is flowing. The inner being is observing it with compassion, understanding and inclusion and sees it flowing and it is not congested.

You Chose this Incarnation to Help with Human Evolution

Although all your effort is put into your personal evolution you have to remember that you are also within the collective.  At the level of consciousness each one of you is carrying some level of darkness which may not necessarily belong to you individually but does slow you down and that is part of the price of being part of the human family. In this particular incarnation you have committed to the human evolution. You cannot see yourself in isolation because you are affected not only by those close to you but also by the collective psyche. The soul level of the collective human family is struggling to find maturity and it is swinging from something that is quite young and joyous to something that is quite heavy and old. Some of you are having to work harder because others are unable to connect to their own light so some of your work is to absorb some difficulties that don’t actually belong to you and this is what slows you down. Part of your work is to offer some of your spiritual essence to others and in exchange they give you some of their heaviness. By this we mean if you walk into a smoke filled room in order to increase the ventilation by opening a window inevitably some of the smoke will penetrate your clothes and leave a little odour. It is not about deliberately taking the darkness of others. In fact it is an innate quality that human beings do want to help one another. Courageous acts of bravery happen in the moment before you have time to think.


Contentment is the Key to Unfoldment

Over the next three months there is the need for greater adjustments because of a greater influx of planetary energies which are piercing the body of Mother Earth quite vibrantly and that can turn in various ways, positively or not. There are clouds which require a concentration of goodwill and good intentions. It is not good to look far into the future. It is better to stay contented with what you have at present. That contentment will give you the energy to move forward. Contentment is the key to unfoldment.

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